Eating humble pie

Humble pie isn’t very palatable. We have all had to take a slice from time to time; and sometimes it’s just a small, slither of a slice, other times it’s a huge, chunky piece. The humble pie I needed to serve myself, just yesterday, was of the huge, chunky piece variety, and, frankly, it didn’t look particularly appetizing and I really wasn’t looking forward to having to ingest the horrid thing.

The friend I apologised to was her usual gracious self. Her attitude really made a difference to the taste of that pie – a bit like a big, ole dollop of cream on top, making the whole experience much easier to swallow.

Being gracious didn’t mean my friend simply excused my error or give me platitudes to make me feel better, rather, she acknowledged what I was saying and she certainly didn’t disagree that I had been wrong! I felt heard and by not simply brushing my apology aside, her acceptance and subsequent forgiveness was real and genuine.

The next time someone does me wrong and then approaches me with a slice of humble pie in hand, I will be ready with my bowl of cream so I can make their eating experience a little more pleasant and meaningful, too.

Humble pie really is good for us, with or without the cream, but, honestly, who likes to eat any pie without cream on top?

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