The Wedding

The recent status update of a friend of mine was: Loving all this royal wedding business. More of it I say. It’s such a nice change from all the floods, cyclones, Tsunamis, earthquakes and ferals killing kids. I’m disaster fatigued and I reckon we all need a nice wedding to soothe the soul. So Tiara up friends, it’s party time.

I read that and thought how right she is. I must admit, whilst I am certainly not an anti-monarchist, I don’t have much time for the royals. I find the whole ‘royal’ thing rather archaic and wonder at it’s relevance in todays society, certainly in light of all the unrest and significant issues facing the UK at this moment in history.

And yet…maybe, like my friend said, we are all disaster fatigued and sick of hearing about the heartache around us, due to both natural and man-made causes. Maybe a bit of a royal wedding, complete with horse drawn carriages, a flowing white dress and more pomp and ceremony than you can poke a stick at, is exactly what we need.

We do need relief from the onslaught of problems and catastrophies that assail us whenever we turn on our tv sets. We need something to tell us that there is still good out there. That sometimes a commoner can snag a prince and that fairytales can come true.

As it turns out, I am going to a Tiara and Tea event on Friday night. I originally said yes because I love being with the people who will be there but maybe now I will go, with tiara firmly in place and teacup in hand, to also enjoy watching a simple girl marry a prince and give myself some reprieve from the problems of the world and believe, even for just one night, that sometimes life can be like a Disney movie.

4 thoughts on “The Wedding

  1. Yeah. I agree, let’s enjoy it. I am not a royal person either but I am interested in seeing the dress. I was watching a replay of part of Diana’s wedding today and started getting teary…how pathetic am I?


  2. My relief from the onslaught of problems and catastrophies will come after the wedding at 8.30 when the Broncos win their 7th game in a row for the season. But ladies (and gents) enjoy your tea and have a piece of cake for me!


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