Friends and such

Through various circumstances, this last week or so has led me to some interesting observations; about life, relationships, myself and others.

The old saying ‘blood is thicker than water’ is something we all hear bandied about but how true is it? It is said flippantly, yet it categorically infers that family will always come first and that those who aren’t ‘blood’ are somehow second grade and not quite as reliable when we are in need.

I would argue that. Family members treat each other abominably sometimes, and for some families, it’s the norm. Just this week I have heard of a sibling refusing to attend his brother’s funeral; a father repeatedly telling his son in the middle of the street for all to hear that he is an f***ing moron; parent’s being stolen from, lied to and taken advantage of to feed the drug habits of their sons. Families behaving badly are all around us.

Families should be where we can find the most love, support and safety. As I grow older, the importance of family increases, but right alongside that, so too does the importance of friends. Due to certain incidences in my own life lately, I am really appreciating the amazing friends I have. Their love, loyalty, and steadfast determination to stand by me is a gift I hope to never take for granted.

I don’t think there should be any discrimination between family or friends. It’s the relationship that matters. It’s the quality of the sharing, rather than the sharing of DNA, that counts.

It is true for me that some of my family members are indeed my friends, yet blood is not thicker than water. I would not give up the support of my friends, cheering me on from the sidelines and loving me unconditionally, simply because different blood runs through our veins. Sometimes, friends are the only ones still there when everyone else has walked out, family included.

So to all my strong, amazing, courageous, kind and giving friends, new and long-time, I say – thank you. You mean more, give more and are worth more than you will ever know.

4 thoughts on “Friends and such

  1. Isn’t it sometimes said that we can choose our friends but we can’t choose our family. In many ways it astounds me how people from the same gene pool can be so incredibly different. Maybe friendships are sometimes stronger than family ties because we get to choose the attributes and common interests etc in the ones we create friendships with and that establishes a strong foundation for that friendship. But then, true friendship isn’t always easy to find – but when you do you find it, you hold onto it with both hands because it is as good as gold.
    By the way, it’s an absolute bonus and blessing when you find that your spouse is truly your best friend – even when they know you warts and all 🙂


    • So true. I guess we are attracted to those we have similarities to, and that’s not always our family members. And I agree, finding your best friend and your spouse are one and the same is truly a superb thing 🙂


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