Nothing to say?

I read with interest this week that on average, only one out of one hundred people who read a blog will comment. That’s a pretty low statistic since it would seem to me that most people find it hard to shut-up (including me!) a good deal of the time, and that we are usually clamouring to be heard!

So, why don’t we comment on blogs? We seem to be happy to comment every five minutes on facebook status updates; in fact, excessive commenting in general seems to be an epidemic. Is it that some blogs require too much thought to comment on? Or is it a case of ‘if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all’?

What do you think? Why, in a society where we all seem to be desperate to have our say, are we mysteriously quiet on blogs?

7 thoughts on “Nothing to say?

  1. I enjoy commenting on blogs, especially writing ones. But I don’t always comment even if I enjoyed the content. Sometimes the blogger says it all for me. Fiona B


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