Turning the page

Okay, so today is my birthday. My last year in the lovely thirties. I felt like when I turned 30, I really ‘came of age’. Now, looking down the barrel of 40 next year, I still feel like I have so much to learn and experience.

As I turn the page on another year, it’s a good time to reflect and take stock (I tend to do this more on birthdays than New Years!). So, I have a husband who I love more now, than ever, who is (most days!) a pure delight and joy to be with; three children who continue to inspire, challenge and bring me such exquisite joy that sometimes I have to catch my breath; a successful business that (again, most days!) I enjoy being a part of; friends who are worth more than any material possession; and I live in one of the most beautiful, free and giving countries in the world.

It’s been a good decade, generally speaking. There have been the valleys, along with the mountain top views. But I like that. Without the dark days, how would we ever really appreciate the sunshine? I have enjoyed the thirties, finding my voice and figuring out some significant aspects to life and relationships has been wonderful.

I am not particularly daunted by the idea of turning 40 though. I have so much still to do in life that I kind of like the assurance in myself that I think being 40 will bring. Feeling more settled within my own skin and having a firmer grasp on my strengths and weaknesses, will bring, I hope, a productive decade.

I am not in any rush, however, and plan on living it up the best I can while still this side of the half-way mark πŸ™‚

6 thoughts on “Turning the page

  1. I love how we are all so different. I rarely reflect on birthdays and often spend the beginning of the year considering the year that was, and pondering what is ahead. You have inspired me to reflect on my own last decade (as I also welcome the 40’s soon) and look to the next decade armed with the experience and understanding of the first 39 years. Here’s to being nearly 40…Happy Birthday.


    • Thanks for your birthday wishes and I’m glad my words inspired some reflection. I think reflection is great at any time….some people don’t do it at all, to their detriment, I think! Any occasion that causes us to look at ourselves and betterment, is a good one. And I agree, here’s to being nearly 40!


  2. The old saying “Life begins at 40” might just be true. As someone who is on the other side of the “40” hill, only by three years, I can honestly say that life may not get easier, but I think it gets fuller. With age comes a little more wisdom and experience and maybe if we learn from the past, the days ahead can be a little more relaxed as we take things a bit more in our stride.
    Of course the journey is always easier and more enjoyable when we have a wonderful companion by our side to share the load. In my case, I have one of the best anyone could ever find. Happy Birthday Sweetheart πŸ™‚


  3. it was my grade 12 biology teacher that taught me without the lows we do not have the highs. I still remember what a revelation that was to me at that time. I hadn’t thought that way at the time. I believe too many people are afraid of the ‘lows’ that they travel through life not deviating from ‘centre’ and therefore miss out on the glorious ‘highs’ life can bring! So cheers to staring down the barrel of the big 40 πŸ™‚


    • Sounds like a great teacher, Catherine! It is such a valuable lesson to learn, that sadly, many people miss out on. I completely agree, to avoid the lows actually means you are avoiding life itself!


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