Worn down?

When on our mini break earlier this year (see earlier post Looking out and looking down), we walked a great deal on the rocks . I am no geologist but I am sure those rocks have been there a very long time and in being there, have been subjected to the constant ebb and flow of the tide. I am also sure that the rocks looked quite different then, to how they look today.

As strong as they are, the rocks get worn down; they change their shape, become smooth and take on different hues.

Life does that to us, too. The constant ebb and flow of life has an effect on us and shapes who we are. The question is: are you being worn into a new shape, or are you being worn away?

Unlike the rocks, we can choose to allow the circumstances of life to either mold us into a new and beautiful shape, or we can allow ourselves to just be worn down by the worries and cares of living.

The rocks on the edge of the ocean, to me, are graceful and almost magical with all their various sizes, colours and shapes. Most often, they are rounded and smooth, not sharp or rough. Like us. When we allow life to smooth our rough edges, we become something more beautiful than we were before.

No matter how strong we are, it is easy to feel worn down by the world; the disasters we have all lived through this year alone, not taking into account our own personal losses and tragedies, are certainly enough for us to warrant feeling
worn down.


Let’s be like the rocks, solid and firm but happy to be changed and molded into something new. Something that the ebb and flow of life makes even more wonderful than it was to start with.

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