So. I’m short.

Years ago, when I first met my husband, I made some flippant remark about the fact that I was tall. “You’re what now?” my then beau asked. “I’m tall.” I replied confidently. The guffaws and hilarity that then ensued had me a little baffled.

You see, I had grown up being told by my mother that I was the tall one amongst my sisters (my brother was heading towards 6ft by the age of 15). My soon to be husband, once he had sufficiently recovered enough, managed to gasp out, “You aren’t tall, in fact, you’re rather short!”

I was shocked. All this time I had not been tall? What?!

Now, although I feel I have come to terms with my somewhat diminutive stature, I must have some remnants left over from my ‘tall’ past.

I have attended two school functions this past week, where the idea is very much to be able to see one’s little darling performing their heart out up on stage. Out of respect for those behind me, I have sat in the second row, so as not to block anyone’s view by sitting in the front row. Clearly, I still believe that people may not be able to see over my enormous 5ft 3 frame.

Unlike others.

Tall people (factually tall people, not ‘tall’ by my mother’s definition) sat in front of me…both times! So, either, I do actually look tall to them, or they are unaware of their own height advantage and oblivious to the fact that my perfect view of the performance was now marred by their head and shoulders.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not…<insert politically correct word for short people who don’t like tall people>…it just made me think about how different our perceptions of ourselves are.

I very rarely see size or height in people. My husband may comment after meeting someone that they were tall or short and always has a chuckle at my shoulder shrugging “oh, were they?” response. I just don’t see it. I tend to think I am the same size as whoever I am with at any given time.

We have all seen tall people who stoop to try and mask their height and we are all familiar with ‘short-man’ syndrome, so which came first? The personality or the stature?

Maybe it’s a combination of both – some people are so sick to death of it being commented on that they are tall or short that they compensate as best they can and their personality then has a bearing on how that plays out.

Regardless, of how we got there, we all have a view of our own space.Β Those who sat in front of me may not genuinely be aware of how tall they are, maybe they feel small on the inside. I do not know either of them, so this is pure ‘homespun psychological’ conjecture but maybe how we feel inside is how we project on the outside. We all know those short people who we refer to a ‘pocket rockets’, they have a dynamic element that goes way beyond their actual physical size. Conversely, some of the quietest, shyest people I have met have been over 6ft tall (or so I’m told πŸ™‚ ).

Or, maybe, this is just all a reflection on me and how I see myself. Maybe I am the only one who is short but thinks they are tall. Maybe I justΒ have an inflated sense of the amount of space I take up.

If I do, I blame my mother. She started it. πŸ™‚

10 thoughts on “So. I’m short.

  1. How funny to picture you talking about yourself as tall when in fact you are not. I have always thought of myself as average in height. I wonder what that says about me. I am going to think tall from now on.


  2. This is a lovely post, Susannah. I had a chuckle at you thinking you were just as tall as everyone else. As a ‘not tall’ person myself I thought that was priceless and I feel the same! Some of my tall friends love rubbing it in that they are so much taller than me. I blow raspberries in their general direction! I think you probably take up just the right amount of space. πŸ™‚


  3. I hear you!
    I only realized how ‘short’ or average I am last week when my ‘tall’ sister visited and I found myself looking up to talk to her.
    Most of the time I don’t notice anyones height, unless they are in front of me when I’m trying to see my son receive an award. I guess it doesn’t help that I allow these ‘taller’ people (inside and/or out) to push in!


  4. If there is any truth in the statement that “good things come in small packages”, then you most definitely are a midget (sorry if that term is politically incorrect). I also particularly like the t-shirt that our daughter has that says.. “I’m not short, I’m fun size”. Height is probably more of an issue for guys I think. Short girls can go out with short guys or tall guys, but you don’t see too many short guys on the tall girl’s “short list” – pardon the pun πŸ™‚


  5. My wife happens to be just as “tall” as you and I have learned it’s not safe to question her height. I let her be just as “tall” as she believes she is πŸ™‚


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