Two words I never thought I would say in the same sentence – ‘me’ and ‘gym’

So. I have recently started at the gym. What was I thinking?! 

I have only had two sessions – it’s only been a week, give me a break! – but already I have the sore muscles that generally plague someone who has not seriously exercised since high school. Unless, of course, you count getting out of the car to go to the bakery or bottle shop…No? Oh. Well, then, I haven’t exercised since high school.

Typically, you hear people say things along the lines of muscles they didn’t even know they had being sore. So according to that criteria, I definitely am typical.

I am not only sore in muscles I didn’t know I had, I am also extremely sore in the muscles I did know I had, which, not coincidentally, are the ones I use the most. The others, the ones I didn’t know were there, are sore, mainly because I obviously don’t use them that much. Still with me?

Contemplating my sore muscles on the way home from the gym, whilst also being thankful I drive an automatic which does not require me to put pressure on a clutch pedal, I thought about how much like character traits our muscles are.

Let me explain.

We have lots of character traits that we don’t even know are there. For some of us, it’s kindness, the ability to listen, or consideration of others. For others it might be boldness, risk-taking or decision making. The point is, we all have parts of us that we don’t exercise often. So, when we do, it may hurt at first and feel uncomfortable. But, just like exercising our muscles, it doesn’t mean we should stop using them. It actually means the opposite – we should use them more.

Only by consistently going to the gym and working out, will my muscles grow stronger and become used to the exercise. In the same way, by flexing those under-used character traits, they will become a stronger part of who we are.

And as a bonus, using those little-used character traits often causes us to use our regular ones a bit more too, just like a gym workout.

So, as I embrace the pain of working muscles I didn’t even know I had, I might try to carry that over into the rest of my life and start exerting my character too.

I think I will start with…hmm, let’s see…maybe, not thinking of ways to torture my gym instructor the way he is torturing me each workout?

Oh and if anyone wants to come join me, we can share the torture love around.

13 thoughts on “Two words I never thought I would say in the same sentence – ‘me’ and ‘gym’

  1. ha ha – I’m pretty sure that the word gym will never be together in a sentence with my name ever!! I do torture myself with physical activities of one sort and another but not that way, so thanks for the kind invitation, but I’ll have to decline…

    And yes, you are right about character too. That’s why I try and convince myself that practicing being patient is a much better option than getting frustrated when that choice arises. Sometimes I succeed in talking myself into it 🙂


  2. hmh.
    Just typed in a big comment and the internet ate it! Not typing it all again.
    Main points:
    1.I will probably never ever go to a gym, but thanks for the invitation.
    2. I agree about character. I try and choose to practice being patient instead of getting frustrated when that choice arises. Like right now when my carefully constructed comment vaporised. See? Look how patient and nonchalant I’m being.

    It better not appear magically after I press post comment on this or I’ll really have to exercise my patient muscle.


    • LOL…both comments went to spam (silly wordpress!) but I thought I would let both go up as your second one is pretty funny and I thought I would give your patience muscle a workout for you 🙂


    • Thanks, Karen 🙂 I woke up this morning very surprised I could move and even more surprised when I found I could still walk….not counting my chickens yet though, like you said, it can take awhile to kick in!


  3. Thanks for the very encouraging post. I really needed this today!
    I’m playing single parent while hubby is away = must exercise Patience
    And must get back into exercising = must exercise those neglected muscle groups


  4. I never thought I would use your name and gym in the same sentence either 🙂
    I’m really proud of you for the way you have stuck to it (ok it’s only been a week – but you’re still amazing).


  5. I’ve tried the gym. Even with a great personal trainer, I couldn’t make myself go.

    Now much to my amazement, I am quad speed skating and skating with roller derby girls too. Wow. What a work out! I understand what you mean about sore.

    The thing is, spending time with roller derby girls and flying around the roller rink at my age(!)–with all the protective gear–as definitely used muscles and personality I didn’t know about.

    I feel much more willing to try new things, be bolder…

    Hard to imagine.


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