How do you smell?

On Friday,  I received a surprise bouquet of flowers. Given that my husband and I both work from home, the added touch of the flowers being delivered to our door by the florist, made the gesture even more significant.

The flowers are beautiful. And fragrant. The scent meanders its way throughout our living/dining/kitchen area.

On Friday, I also received a small bunch of home-grown jasmine from a dear friend. As we all know, the scent of jasmine is rich and sweet. Deciding that the big bunch were exuding enough fragrance for one area, I placed the little bunch of jasmine on my desk in our office.

Now, just about everywhere I go, I can smell flowers, reminding me of the love of the two people who gave them to me. Their scent follows me from room to room, enveloping me in ‘warm fuzzies’ wherever I am.

It has made me think about smells. They get in everywhere, don’t they? Good or bad, smells permeate the air and either bring pleasure or discomfort (anyone who has accidentally had a used nappy left in an inconspicuous spot for a few days knows the joys of that particular type of smell!)

It reminds me of people. Some people bring joy to my life just by being in it. People whose fragrant personalities make me feel good, make me feel loved. People with qualities that add a sweetness to my day and enhance its beauty.

And then there is the other sort of person, the ones who leave their metaphorical bad smell lingering behind them wherever they go. And, like a smelly nappy left behind, make the atmosphere around them, hard to handle. People whose irritability makes my day dull and heavy, whose negativity makes me try not to breathe in, lest it pervades my life too.

So, do you fill the room with a sweet scent, making people want to breathe deeply when you are close to them? Or are those around you plugging their noses and politely looking for the nearest exit?

How do you smell?

6 thoughts on “How do you smell?

  1. I prefer positive-smelling people and hang out with them – in person and online (and avoid negative-smelling people!). There is also something to be said for the negative impact of people that are constantly telling you to, “Smell me! Smell me!” 🙂


  2. This reminds me to put scent into my stories. This is a sense that often get neglected in storytelling. Vision and sound are rarely forgotten, but smells are hardly mentioned.


  3. I like the smell of lavender. It calms the mood. I hope that’s what people “smell” when they are around me. BTW…what were the flowers for (not that anyone needs a reason to give you flowers)?


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