To my dad, on Father’s Day

Today being Father’s Day, I thought I would take the time to reflect on my dad and fatherhood.

A quick poll over dinner with friends last night, revealed we all have different reasons we love our dad. For some it was the sacrifice of time to take a child to early morning sport, for some it was showing them a good work ethic, for some it was just time spent together.

For me, I feel like it was everything. I had one of the best childhoods imaginable. Full of fun, warmth, acceptance and most importantly, love.

I was never too big to sit on dad’s lap, never too big for a hug. In fact, I remember very clearly at a major crisis in my teenage life, his response, when he had every right to be angry and disappointed, was simply to fold me into a big hug.

One of the best things my dad taught me was to laugh, and often. From his silly made-up stories when I was little, to bad ‘dad jokes’, the most common sound in our home was laughter.

Being the youngest of five, you would expect me to have a tale of possibly being a bit neglected and forgotten about. Not so. I always felt important, noticed and interested in. My opinion mattered, regardless of my age. We were all allowed the room to question, discuss, and explore what we thought about an issue, not just be spoon-fed our parent’s beliefs or opinions.

The gift of independent thinking, is perhaps the greatest gift given to a child from a parent.

It is possibly this trait that now allows my dad and me to have the hearty discussions, debates and in-depth conversations we have today. Dad is one of my favourite people to talk to and is certainly among my best friends.

The other important thing dad did was show me what a husband was. I married someone who makes me laugh out loud every single day and who treats me with the respect and love that my dad made sure I knew I deserved.

My husband is also an outstanding father. Watching him sometimes with our children brings a lump to my throat and I know they are growing up with the same love, acceptance, warmth and attention that I did. My dad has also given the gift of a great father to his grandchildren, albeit indirectly.

So, here’s to you dad, my father and my friend. I love you heaps and although we say it often, it can never be said too much.



4 thoughts on “To my dad, on Father’s Day

  1. Dear daughter thank you for your reflections. I hesitate to respond lest we appear to be members of a mutual admiration society.
    Love and laughter make the best memories and I am glad that there were enough to cover over the shortcomings that were certainly there too.
    As a parent you want to do your best to help equip your children for a fulfilling and meaningful life.
    Love returned in gracious words, thoughts and deeds is a great blessing and much appreciated. Like all parents, the “I could have done better” dogs me, it is a great encouragement when you can see that, “you must have done something right!” in spite of your failings.
    For me this year’s Father’s Day was actually about you and your siblings. It was not so much about me being your father, but about you being my children. I was imbued with a real sense of privilege that I had been gifted with you all.
    That’s enough, this is meant to be a comment, not a dissertation!


    • First off, there are nothing wrong with mutual admiration societies! 🙂
      And secondly, I don’t believe there were any shortcomings and by that I don’t mean you did everything right, I simply mean, that the shortcomings shape children as well and make them who they are. So, it all works out and I am glad there were shortcomings, otherwise, I wouldn’t be me 🙂 Love you xo


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