Anyone for a flat burger?

The other day, my husband and I stopped in at a fast food joint. You see I have a very unhealthy addiction to a certain type of burger and will angle my way to get one at any cost. This day, instead of driving through, my husband decided to park and go in and get it rather than go through the drive-through. I waited patiently in the car (read – too lazy to get out of the car).

Now, when my husband got back to the car, one of the drinks was overflowing so he threw me my bag of goodies through the open door and then threw his bag onto his seat in order to better deal with the overflowing drink. Having dealt with the drink he then got in the car.

And sat right smack bang on top of his bag. I started to laugh. He turns to me, “What? Why are you laughing?” Oh how much harder that made me laugh. I managed to gasp out “You just sat on your burger!” And then I laughed even harder at the look on his face. He withdrew the bag from underneath him and rescued from the bag one completely flat burger. I mean seriously, it was like a centimetre high.

And that was it, I was gone. With tears rolling and sides splitting, I just could not stop laughing. I wanted to take a photo of it but couldn’t manage to stop laughing long enough. And then he just ate it. A flat, squashed, sad looking little burger.

Now, I laugh often, and often at inappropriate times, but I haven’t laughed that hard for weeks. And boy, did it feel good. I know there has been heaps of research conducted into the benefits of laughing, but frankly, I don’t need to see the studies and statistics to know it’s good for me. It feels good and I always, always feel better after a good laugh.

When was the last time you had a good honest-to-goodness laugh? Just let me know, and if it’s been awhile, I can send my husband round to your place with a fast food item ready to squash.

That laugh was even better than the burger that day. And that is really saying something!

2 thoughts on “Anyone for a flat burger?

  1. This is funny – I was laughing at your telling of it! Last laugh I had was probably something the grandsons said – they do say the darndest things. I also laugh hysterically at Wipe Out, the game show. Stupid, I know, but knee-slapping, gut-wrenching, tear-spilling laughter.


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