Power of now

Someone is trying to tell me something. I recently met with a beautiful person who talked about the need to be in the present moment. My daily readings all week have been about living in the now. And today, I read a wonderful post over at Christi Craig‘s blog about ‘being where your hands are’.

Definitely, Someone is trying to tell me something. And, as is often the case, when we aren’t listening, the lesson is repeated until we sit up and take notice.

I would say I have mainly been a ‘now’ person all my life. I revel in spontaneity and, sometimes to my detriment, will jump in straight away to a situation. I am conscious of seizing the moment and making the most of whatever I find myself doing at any given time.

But lately, I think maybe I have lost my way a little. I am getting far too caught up in the ‘what if’s’ instead of appreciating what already is. And, I have been accused recently, and rightly so, of not giving my full attention to those around me.

I need to remember to be in the now. To be in this moment. This. Moment.

To feel the keys under my fingertips as I type. To hear the sounds of the birds outside. To notice the position of my body, feel the beating of my heart and listen to my breathing.

To be in this moment because, really, that’s all we have.

Each day is a gift, each hour, each minute. Each breath. And it’s so easy to squander these gifts we are given. To believe we have an inexhaustible supply of days, hours, minutes. And we may do. Or we may not.

What we do have is this moment right now.

6 thoughts on “Power of now

    • Yes, it’s always good reading on Christi’s blog. Another trick to thwart the ‘what if’ is saying ‘even if’ instead – completely changes your perspective and doesn’t lead you down the path of worry 🙂


  1. You take Christi’s sentiment to another level, and I heartily agree: Every moment of life is a gift, and shouldn’t be squandered. I have eliminated things in my life like watching television alone (with my wife is allowed, but we’ve been trying to turn it off and read together if we agree it’s too mindless). Oh, and I signed up for emails on both blogs. Thanks for reminding me. 🙂


    • I like your tv watching guidelines, Vaughn, might look into that – it usually is such mindless drivel that I’m sure I can go without!
      Thanks for your subscriptions 🙂 it’s much appreciated.


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