For Christmas, my husband gave me five rose bushes. Since moving from our previous house, where I had rose bushes, I have missed having these beautiful flowers to cut and bring inside or give to others. As you know, it rained a little bit over the Christmas/January break. Roses aren’t too fond of copious amounts of water, so we weren’t surprised when we had a casualty.

It makes me think about how some things/people survive adverse circumstances and some don’t. All the rose bushes had the same amount of rain during that time, all were healthy and all were treated to the same planting technique. Yet, they didn’t all respond the same way.

A bit like us. We can go through the same thing as others, yet it can take a bigger toll on us and vice versa. For some of us, when we go through tough times, a little bit of us dies; we harden our hearts, make resolves that may or may not be healthy, we shut a little part of us away to avoid future pain. All natural, normal responses to trying circumstances.

And sometimes the losses are more tangible than that. Sometimes we lose businesses, relationships, friends. And some of us will shrivel up and die inside, while others will pick themselves up and move forward.

Often, if we allow it, something new will be born to replace what we have lost. And sometimes that new thing is wonderful and glorious. And sometimes, it’s risky. Risky to open up to someone after being hurt; risky to keep going with your dream in the face of criticism; risky to start up a new business when the floods swept the last one away.

Recently, we purchased a replacement rose bush to join the little collection that is now thriving in our garden. Here is the first bloom from Rose Valencia.
Beautiful, isn’t it? We could have just left the space where the first rose bush was, empty. We could have just settled for having one less. But we didn’t, we took a chance that even this late in the season, a new rose would flourish and survive.

Look what we would have missed out on, if we hadn’t taken that chance.

4 thoughts on “Survival

  1. How I would love to have rose bushes, a garden … heck, I’d love to have a home! Survival – it’s tough sometimes. Thank you for this poignant story. You have given me renewed strength! Beautiful banner, too.


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