I have written about thankfulness a few times in my monthly column over the last few years but this quote that I came across recently was a new one for me.

What if you woke up today with only the things you thanked God for yesterday?

We like to think we are living in a state of thankfulness and with an attitude of gratitude but are we really? Are we really thankful, each and every day for all the things we are blessed with? If I am honest with myself, I would have to answer no to that.

Sure, I try to appreciate the gifts I am given but do I thank God every day for those people, things and circumstances? And do I only thank Him for what I deem good?

Being thankful is more than than just saying the words. It means living in a constant spirit and mindfulness of gratitude. Appreciating all we have, even the ‘bad’ bits. If we are thankful for only the so called ‘blessings’ we are missing half the lessons.

What if I only thanked God for the ‘good’ things? What if I woke up and all the problems were gone? Would I really, truly be happy with that?

It’s the light and shade that makes up life; the light is only light because of the darkness; the highs only high because of the lows. Life without the full complement of experiences isn’t really life at all. It’s only half of it.

I’ll bet that anyone who has lost someone would give anything to have it all back, not just the good bits of that person and relationship. But them, with all their failings, wrongdoings and faults.

In being thankful we shouldn’t be selective. To pick and choose what is worthy of thanks is a little like playing God and thinking we know what’s best for us, when really, we don’t.

So what are you going to thank God for today?

7 thoughts on “Thankfulness

  1. I thank God for my family. I thank God for a roof over my head. I thank God for friends. I thank God for helping me save all my books and research from the flood. I thank God for cleaning out the rest so I can start over.


  2. I had a beta reader comment on how, since I do multilple POVs, including from my antagonists, no one in my work is truly evil. I took it as high praise, because it’s all about perspective. Things we don’t like are going to happen–indeed, have to happen. It’s our response that counts. And how high would the highs be without the lows? A really lovely sentiment to start my day. Thanks.


    • Glad you enjoyed it Vaughn 🙂 And what a wonderful thing that your characters are all so rounded because no one in life is completely good or evil so they shouldn’t be in stories either. Can’t wait to read your work! Hope you have a truly blessed day.


  3. I am grateful that in the darkest moments of my life there have been people who love me and support me. I am grateful that I had a mum for the first 19 years of my life. I am grateful for the fear that challenges me and teaches me to be courageous when the cause is important enough. I am grateful for the loss that has taught me to appreciate life and love. I am grateful that I have a heart that breaks when I hear about a child suffering and I am grateful that I have the means to do something about it, even if it’s one dollar, one prayer or one conversation at a time. I am grateful to be able to make a positive difference in the life of another person even if it’s only a small thing. I am grateful for a God who hears every prayer and heals the broken.


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