Are you really enough?

Keeping a positive attitude can be hard. Circumstances make it hard. Sometimes the people we are doing life with make it hard. And sometimes, we just make it hard all by ourselves.

So how do we maintain a positive attitude? There are many schools of thought that talk a lot about ‘looking within’. For me, looking within myself for positivity, strength and the desire to keep going, only takes me so far.

More often than not when I look within myself, I find irritability, negativity and weakness. Looking within does not provide me with anything terribly useful most of the time. It just gives me a glimpse of who I am when I am looking only to myself for rescue.

No, I need to look externally, specifically, upward, for my strength and renewal of flagging spirits. I find the ‘look within yourself’ mantra a little egotistical. If we really did have it within ourselves, I think society would look a whole lot different than it does.

Saying we just need to look within ourselves is assigning us greater powers than we possess. We need something bigger than ourselves, something outside of us, to provide us with the strength we need to get through. Simply relying on ourselves is not enough.

Anyone who has read past blog posts would know that I am a big believer in choices and changing things about ourselves that need changing, so I am not saying that we have no control or power in us. I just don’t think we should be our only resource.

I am grateful there is an external foundation I can rely on and draw from when my own strength is diminishing. If drawing on my own internal fortitude was all I had, my life would be sadly lacking in positivity, comfort and strength because, more often than not, it’s just not enough.

10 thoughts on “Are you really enough?

  1. So true.. I do find encouragement on the inside some, but usually I need to “look within” to see the reality of what’s getting me down, so that I can then look for the external sources of inspiration, encouragement, and hope for whatever I may be facing. Thanks for the encouragement.


  2. So you’re sayin’ you ‘get by with a little help from your friends?’ Because of you, I’m gonna try with a little help from my friends. (Just don’t ask me what I see when I turn out the lights, okay? 😉 )
    Great post! In spite of my Beatle-esque sarcasm, I quite agree!


  3. I like to believe I’m strong enough to do things on my own, but reality is that it’s good to be part of a team. I learned that lesson early on in life with my identical twin sister at my side.


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