Where are you going?

My husband and I went on a date the other night. We left our 21 year old in charge and although I trust the children implicitly (cough, cough), when it was time to go into the movies after dinner, I sent off a quick text asking if all was okay at home. He, of course, joked that it wasn’t and thus ensued a text war.

Now, simultaneously, I am a multi-tasking woman after all, my husband and I had a conversation about both going to the bathroom before the movie started (bear with me).

So. I am texting away, following my husband to the toilets preoccupied with the texting and at the last minute, realise I have followed my husband right to the door (read: almost smacked into it). I stopped abruptly, which caused the line of men behind me to do a very comical, cartoon style ‘bump, bump, bump’ into each other. (On a side note, were none of them wondering  why I, a woman, was on my way to the mensroom???? Do I look like a man??? Anyway, that’s beside the point.)

I apologised to the man behind me, and the man behind him and the man behind him (I gave up by about then – it was a long line!) before turning red-faced into the ‘ladies’, barely able to contain my giggles.

It struck me later, as I filled my husband in on the antics outside the mensroom while he was inside the mensroom, that I need to concentrate more on where I am going.

And then that made me think about life (you knew that was coming, didn’t you?). Because I was so caught up in chatting to our son, I missed a vital turn off I should have taken. Just like in life, we can be so busy paying attention to other things, that we allow our natural momentum to carry us along, without actually looking where we are headed.

Now, there was nothing wrong with talking to my son, just like many of the things we get caught up on in life aren’t wrong but they can cause us to veer off the track of where we want to be.

We need to be constantly checking the horizon of life to make sure we are still heading in the right direction. Otherwise, we just may end up somewhere very different from where we intended. And it might be a tad more embarrassing than walking into the mensroom!

4 thoughts on “Where are you going?

  1. You could push the analogy one more step, and bring in the men following someone they clearly should not have been following, and say you shouldn’t blindly follow others. Go your own way, blaze your own trail… Oops, I think I’ve gone to far in speaking of men waiting in line to relieve themselves. 😉 Nice post, you trailblazer, you!


  2. It seems to me that you are reading my mind with just about every blog post you have made, especially in 2012. I was wondering, at the end of 2011, where the heck am I going? I made some hard decisions, some not so likeable decisions, I have decided that some people are not worth my time, and I feel better now. And I feel real direction in my life. Hope we can continue to ride this fabulous wave together!


    • Yes, I do have special powers…mwahahahahaha!

      No, really, how cool is that! And I am so pleased that you have found the direction you need and are on the path that you are meant to be on – good on you! And I agree, lets do it together 🙂


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