Handwriting – what it says about you

When I was a teenager, a friend gave me a book on handwriting analysis for a gift. We pored over it in our lunch breaks (and sometimes in class!), trying to learn all the intricacies     with which to then analyse certain teachers writing – with the express aim of trying to gain some sort of edge on them, I guess.

Anyway, since then, handwriting, and what it can say about who we are, has fascinated me.  So I thought for this post, we could have a little fun.

I have posted a sample of my handwriting as you can see, and the talented Exiled Star (whose art I just love, by the way)  is going to analyse it and tell me about me. Let’s see how spot on she is 🙂

12 thoughts on “Handwriting – what it says about you

  1. without training in this field… i offer that you are confident in your writing… much like a doctor who transcribes without thought of how it will be read. I never write in cursive simple because of its ineligibility to be read. I don’t know how much stock can be put into handwriting as we learn it from such an early age, nevertheless your writings are great and I do enjoy each one. It will be interesting to see what experts might say. happy hunting.


    • Yes, it will be interesting 🙂 I think the fact that we learn it at an early age, and usually some specific ‘style’ taught in school at the time, and then we put our own stamp on it, means that it can show elements of our personality and who we are. I know I made a conscious decision to change my writing at about the same time I decided to change my personality (see this post) so it will be interesting to see what the expert says and whether it matches up!
      And thank you for your kind words 🙂 So glad you enjoy what I write.


  2. My handwriting is influenced by my mood, big time. When I am happy, I write upward and use a lot of !!! When I am sad, I write downward. When I am p.o.’d, I write IN ALL CAPS and with a heavy hand. What fun! I would love to know what handwriting book you use…can I get it? The only problem…with internet, email, FB, LI, Google, etc., re-evaluating people that use a lot of caps or a lot of !!! or a lot of ……. how do you read a personality in text? 🙂


    • Yes, my writing changes to a certain degree with my mood but I wonder if essentially it shows the same things about you…? Very interesting area 🙂 The book is called simply “How to Read Handwriting” and is by Ornella Santoli (I have no idea if it’s still available….it’s been a long time since I was a teenager!)
      And I agree. It’s so hard to read between the lines of typed writing. Maybe that is a whole other field? Might have to do some googling 🙂


  3. I watched a documentary recently where twins were separated at birth and met for the first time as adults. Their handwriting was the same and even experts could not tell it apart. That could be a problem if your twin is a criminal.
    Regarding what my handwriting says about me…it says that I can’t spell to save myself.
    Regarding your writing (and I’m no expert on handwriting) but I’d say you are an artistic person who enjoys balance in her life. You are passionate about your craft and have a deep love for family and a strong spiritual connection. How did I do?


    • Wow, that’s seriously freaky. I wouldn’t have thought that the writing would have been identical, whether they had spent their lives together or apart. And yes, very problematic if it’s a ‘good twin-evil twin’ scenario LOL
      In regards to your analysis, I love what you said…..whether it’s accurate or not remains to be seen 😉 Tell you what, lets say I am all those things regardless of what my handwriting reveals.
      I can’t wait to see what she says. There will be a link up to her blog and the analysis as soon as I get word it’s done!


  4. Your writing is much like mine. Not loopy or pretty, dare I say utilitarian? How do you hold your pen? Isn’t it interesting to look at writing, we spend so much time looking at text these days.


    • Bit offended you don’t think it’s pretty 😦 LOL I hold my pen in the normal grip, nothing weird or anything. I find the whole area fascinating but I am surprised at the results! 🙂


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