Day 3

I went for a big long walk on the beach today. She seemed grumpy. Dirty, due to a recent big storm, she was leaving great clumps of muddy sea foam on the shore. I didn’t mind.

What kind of friend of the sea would I be if I turned away just because she was not pristine and clear?

After all, each of us have times when we are not our best, grumpy and tarnished, especially after a big storm in life and can only cope and cleanse ourselves by dumping our rubbish and dirt on the shore for all to see.

With time, the sea will return to her usual self, offering us her crystal waters with bright fluffy foam on the shore once again.

Just like us 🙂

6 thoughts on “Day 3

  1. I feel the same way, and even walk on the beach in the winter, albeit usually more briefly than summer. If I’m going to enjoy Lake Michigan’s good moods, I feel obligated to put up with her tempestuous side. Sounds like the week’s shaping up! (Karen, you cracked me up.)


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