Day Four

Today was another lovely day – hot stone massage, reading, writing, big walk on the beach, topped off with yummy fish and chips.

I am extra grateful today, not only for this holiday but for my life in general.

On Sunday, when I was at the supermarket grabbing some supplies, a couple with a half full trolley were having a very loud argument. She was a beautiful, statuesque African woman with a gorgeous timbre to her voice, even raised as it was. Her husband – I assume it was, for who else but a married couple would argue so freely in the middle of such a mundane task as the weekly shop – was European of some description, I couldn’t pick his accent.

Their argument started fairly run of the mill – he claiming he had done what she asked, her stating she shouldn’t have to ask etc etc but soon turned to deeper issues, their voices not diminishing as it continued. Mothers told their small children not to stare, reminding me that I shouldn’t either. It was uncomfortable to witnesse such issues of the marital life on display for all to see.

Yesterday, I saw a man vehemently berating his teenage son whilst getting out of their car, the son cowed and sullen, the father redfaced and coiled like an unsprung spring.

Today, while waiting for my fish and chips, a man came to use the public phone box, depositing what sounded like a whole piggy bank of coins into the slot.

The onesided conversation was hard to listen to and broke my heart. His pain, laid bare for anyone’s hearing, was raw and ragged, his voice catching on every word. I was embarrassed that the conversation revealed him so plainly to me. Far too intimate were the words for a stranger such as I.

People in pain. They’re everywhere. It may be in varying degrees but the pain is palpable.

And so, as I collected my order from the counter, I felt so thankful. Thankful for my husband, who made this holiday happen and allayed my many concerns about going with his ever soothing words. Thankful for my stunning children who never cease to amaze me with their observations on life, their dealings with others and their inexhaustible love for me, even when I give them plenty of cause to do otherwise.

My life is not without it’s up’s and down’s – I have known hardships, trials, and have sought to learn something through those times.

And, now, when life is good, rich and joyous, all I can do is stand back in awe and wonder…and be thankful.

8 thoughts on “Day Four

  1. Once again I like it! I am very lucky to have a mum like you! 🙂 Only thing I dislike and that is that I had to look up ‘vehemently berating’ 😉


  2. What lovely sentiments about your life and your family. I do not like to spoil it by mentioning my own disenchantment with the way some people talk to those they claim to love (especially their children). I am blessed as well. I’m in such a fine “place” right now.


  3. Love that the ‘long-distance look-it-up’ worked, as well. 🙂 And again will just agree with Karen. But will also add that, besides making you feel grateful, your observations of pain and conflict will make great writing fodder. 🙂 Thanks for reminding me of my own gratitude!


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