Day five and six

So the days here have passed predictably quickly and I find myself staring down the barrel of my last day here by myself.

I have been interested to note the little routines I have created for myself. I find this surprising as I am not really one for routine, especially on holidays, so I had a chuckle today when I realised what I had done.

The days have pretty much gone like this:

Rise sometime between 7am and 8 am, make cup of tea, take back to bed and read for an hour or so.

Shower, get dressed and head to the coffee shop for usually two lattes and some fruit toast. (Except for that one morning I deviated and had an instant coffee in the unit – disastrous!).

The night before I would have decided on one activity for the day eg walk the surrounding area to see what’s there (Monday), hot stone massage (Tuesday), movies (Wednesday), car drive to who-knows-where (today).

So from the coffee shop I would head out to the designated activity and be back at the unit sometime around lunch or early afternoon.

Then it would be reading and writing time, listen to some music, drink wine or cups of tea.

By about 4pm, I would walk to the beach and spend an hour walking the shores.

At about 5 or 5.30, order tea – thai, fish and chips, indian – and back to the unit to eat it, with a glass of wine, of course.

See? Routine.ย We really are creatures of habit, aren’t we?

There were things that changed though. The sea, who is now in a much happier state than when I first came; the shells on the beach and the spots where they congregate are different every day; the people in the coffee shop; and me.

I’m different every day. I have stretched my thoughts out in my head like a wad of gum, pulling it first one way and then another. Expanding my thinking on some issues, contracting it on others.

So while externally, I have found a little routine, that has allowed me internally to be as free as I like. The space to think and just be (things we don’t always get to do in our normal lives) has been an exquisite pleasure.

To simply be. No expectations, no demands. Just being.


8 thoughts on “Day five and six

  1. What a wonderful routine. Thanks for sharing your holiday with us. Fiona’s right, your posts have been lovely. So glad you’re enjoying your time at the shore, and hope you arrive home safe, recharged and invigorated.


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