So I arrived home late Sunday after finishing my week at the coast by having the family there for the weekend. I brought the girls home and left the hubby behind where he will now enjoy a week on his own.

After an absolute horror of a drive home (read: two and a half hours stationary in the pouring rain on the highway due to an accident ie a two hour trip, turned into a four and a half hour trip), we arrived home, tired, hungry and, okay, maybe a little testy. Not at all the perfect ending to my week of bliss I had imagined.

As I sat in the car on that highway, I could feel all my relaxation and de-stressing unravelling behind me like a dropped ball of yarn. A headache had emerged and was enjoying jackhammering my skull from the inside. Thoughts of work started pressing in. Back to reality with a thud, you could say.


I thought…No! This is NOT how it’s going to be. I am not going to let it go, I said. I will not allow that week to be wasted.

So, here I sit, at my desk at work, and I feel pretty good. Sure, I have spent the entire day so far answering and sorting emails, and I need to concentrate on the tasks at hand but I can still maintain some calm, some serenity amongst the work.

It won’t last. I know that.

That’s why I have already said to my husband that I will be doing the ‘week away by myself’ again.

Every month 😉


2 thoughts on “Home.

    • Thanks, Karen.Yes, I’m finding it easier to do than I thought, although it has only been a couple of days LOL There is something to be said for good and proper rejuvenation, which I feel is what I had. And I am definitely planning the next one. Graham laughed at me when about halfway through the week I said “Next time….” 🙂


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