Today is one year since my friend Trish passed away. I feel like it has been a mere blink. I had intended to spend some time reflecting and remembering her and the times we enjoyed together.

Back in the day, when our girls were just 7 and happily chatting and giggling, we would sit and drink tea, talk about being mothers, wives, about friendship, washing tips, dinner options and sometimes, the bigger issues, about life and purpose.

As the girls grew, our conversations changed to include problem solving the issues that raising adolescent girls brings, and laughing at how the time had flown between barbie dolls and bras.

I miss her.

When I thought more about how to spend the day, I wondered what she would suggest I do. And then I knew.

I arrived at my daughter’s school late morning, requesting she be sent to the office with her school bag. I wrote ‘family reasons’ in the space on the form to sign her out.

And that’s exactly what it was…a family reason. I wanted to spend time with my beautiful daughter, just her and I. To savour and appreciate her amazing nearly-15-year-old self.

We went to the movies and saw a romantic film, where we both ‘appreciated’ the lovely Channing Tatum šŸ™‚

And it was good just to be together, to do something fun and girly, just her and I. She is, and is becoming, an awe inspiring person. One whom I am mighty proud to say is mine.

If Trish were here, we would stand back and look at our beautiful girls in amazement, smile at each other and shake our heads. “How did we manage that?” we would say to each other.

So, this one is for you, Trish, in remembrance, in celebration and in gratitude for all you gave to us both.


14 thoughts on “Remembering

    • Thanks, Julie. She was a special person and friend, and worthy of far more than my humble words. I wish I had told her more often when she was here how much she meant to me.


  1. Wonderful post-it exemplifies such beauty and a very deep, meaningful sense of reminiscing. I am truly sorry for the loss of your friend. I recognize and understand that losing someone is extremely difficult-I speak from personal experience. I find that thinking about the many amazing memories you had with the person you lost-helps and always cherishing the memories, moments and person within your heart, thoughts and soul. I also think that getting the chance to meet the person who you lost and everything you had/shared with them-are so incredible and absolutely nothing can ever change that-including-passing away. I hope you find comfort, strength and hope in this quote:
    “Death leaves a heartache no one can heal,
    love leaves a memory no one can steal. “


    • That is so true…keeping the memories alive makes such a difference. I’m sorry that you have gone through the loss of loved one too. I love that quote. It’s perfect and does bring comfort. Thank you so much for your wonderful comment.


      • You’re very and most welcome. I am glad to know that you think what I have written is true. I am also happy to know that you love the quote and it brings comfort. I hope that you find the strength, comfort and hope during this difficult time. Thank you for your kind and comforting words as well-they are much appreciated. Perhaps, you can take a look at my blog-I hope you will enjoy it and my future posts. Yes, remembering the memories and moments is extremely important-nothing can ever change that.


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