You, me and Easter.

Due to my beliefs, Easter is a significant time on the calendar, as is Christmas. Yet, in society, I have noticed a shift over the years.

At Christmas time, even those who have no definitive Christian beliefs will agree that it is a time for giving, for love and generosity – sentiments that stem from the reason we have Christmas in the first place.

At Easter time, we seem to have thrown out, not only the reason we have it, but the sentiment it carries, too.

The message is one of forgiveness, a time for redemption and grace, yet Easter is seen nowadays, as no more than a four day weekend. We have forgotten the message and it’s importance to us as people, regardless of beliefs.

Forgiveness and grace are essential to our relationships. We have all, I am sure, struggled to forgive at times, and also known the pain of being unforgiven. Grace, when extended to us and grace shown by us to others, has the power to change lives.

Yet, at a time when it is most significant to remember, forgiveness and grace are not mentioned at all.

What will become of a society that has forgotten how to forgive and be forgiven?

What do we look like as people when grace has no part in our lives and we can’t even take one weekend out to think about it, and maybe even act on it?

6 thoughts on “You, me and Easter.

      • We have a sunrise sevirce at 9AM. It’s usually around 30 minutes long and features lots of traditional easter hymns we’ve either arranged for praise band ourselves or gotten from others we did your Christ Arose last year and it totally rocked! I’m always looking for creative ideas for it. Then we have breakfast together and the main sevirce, which is contemporary, at 10:30. Most of our people will attend both sevirces I think we had 165 last year.


  1. Most holidays have gotten way too commercial for me. People selling diamonds for Valentine’s Day instead of promoting love and family, chocolate and baskets and fake grass for Easter instead of what you mentioned above, Christmas is all about gifts and running around instead of enjoying your family… A good reminder for us all, Susannah. Thank you.


    • Yes, I agree, but with Christmas and Valentine’s Day (I don’t ‘do’ Valentine’s Day, though), the sentiment of why we have the holiday in the first place still remains, yet with Easter, it has disappeared altogether. That’s what I find most disturbing about it, I guess.


  2. I will never forget the year my falmiy came to see me on Easter. My wife and children came from Ft Polk, LA to Ft Leavenworth, KS where I had been stationed as a geographic bachelor. My daughters came in spring dresses, light sweaters and sandals and it SNOWED during the Easter SUNRISE, OUTDOOR service, which was on metal, folding chairs! The Chaplain wore a Russian, fur hat that looked like a big, brownish blonde wig. We made it through the first hymn then inside to warm up. That was the last Easter Sunrise Service we have attended.


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