Ho hum.

Remember my last post? The one where I waxed lyrical about all this extra time to be thankful for everything?

Well. Scrap it.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still thankful – very thankful.

It’s just I’m so. damn. BOOOOOORRRRED.

Like seriously bored. Like almost deranged bored. Like ‘my mind is dissolving’ bored.

You know how when you are sick, you get bored but have no energy to do anything? Yep, that’s me. In epic proportions. It’s been nearly four weeks, people!

TV/movies? Boring.

Facebook? Boring. (Rest assured, though, I have read each and every one of your status updates, multiple times, with multiple different intonations, and clicked on every funny, stupid, cute or weird photo/video you have posted – still bored, I’m afraid.)

Reading? Hurts my hands to hold a book.

Sitting quietly and thinking? Boring.

Daytime sleeps? Allusive, which means boring time on the bed trying to sleep.

I know I just have to wait it out, be patient, blah, blah, blah.


Any suggestions, oh faithful blog readers?

20 thoughts on “Ho hum.

  1. Plot out the next fourteen chapters of your novel and record it onto a phone or something. Think out loud and, while you’re at it, plot out mine too. Sorry to hear you are still in rest mode. Healing thoughts coming your way. πŸ™‚


  2. sorry i can’t think of anything jolly to say. sounds like it sucks. it really sucks. I like anonymous’s suggestion though. how about a story about somebody who very nearly dies of boredom. you know what they say: write what you know..


  3. Yes, my immediate reaction is for you to WRITE. I don’t know if you’re able to hold a pen and move it across the page at this point (or type on the laptop), but if not, than write it outloud on a tape recorder. I have the ‘bored’ problem only when I’m on a long flight, and I’ve already read 3 books and my mind is starting to seize. I pick up my notebook and just start with “I remember…” for instance, and the time goes away, the plane goes away, but my mind is fascinate. Good luck. Feel better.


    • Yes, the tape recorder is starting to sound better and better. I can type but not for very long (about the length of a blog post in fact πŸ™‚ ) and I need to type for work, so I don’t want to make my hands so sore I can’t do that. But, I can talk! So I might just see about a voice recording. The only other issue is my brain is certainly not operating at peak level, so the quality of any writing/talking is probably going to be minimal!


      • Mushiness is tough. I was recently in New England, where they talked about how ‘murky’ the weather was. Once in awhile, when the body wears down or the mind is just exhausted, that’s the perfect word for that feeling – just plain murky. Well, you are writing your blog as clear as a good day, so keep on keepin’ on.


  4. I’m so sorry – you can’t even hold a book? Do you have a Kindle? That might be a little easier. Listen to music? How about recording thoughts on a tape recorder (or whatever device).


    • No, I don’t have a kindle (I have kindle for Mac and can download onto my MacAir, though) I think I will take up Sue’s comments and go the audio books….and do some voice recordings too. Shows how mushy my brain is that I hadn’t thought of those things before πŸ™‚


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