It’s my birthday!

So. Here it is. The big four-o.

I couldn’t be happier. I’m not bothered at all by the number. Turning forty is far better than the alternative, I say. I’m also intrigued by this next phase of life. I feel like I have learned a couple of things over the last 40 years; about myself, others and life in general. But I’m not finished yet, and I’m looking forward to what the next four or so decades will teach me.

But enough pontificating (I love that word!), and on to the fun stuff. To celebrate, I want to share with you 40 things I love, one for each year šŸ™‚

In no particular order and not in any way exhaustive:

My husband
My children
My mum and dad
My sisters and brother – and their partners and children
My friends
My In-law family
My house
Good red wine
An open fireplace
Rainy days
Sunny days
A strong, hot cup of tea
My car
My dog Vincent
Good Indian food
Sleeping in
Walking on the beach
Walks in the bush
Singing in the shower
Good hearty discussions
Playing games

So, what do you love? I would love to hear a few of yours…although, everyone also lists one for each of the years they have been around, it could be a very looooong comments section (Not that I’d mind!) šŸ™‚

15 thoughts on “It’s my birthday!

  1. Good Lord, one for each year from an old-timer like me would lead to a long comment. I’ll give you a couple, though. I’m with you on the wine, but I’d add a really well-brewed craft beer. A book that takes me to another world. Music that enhances or changes my mood. Snow storms. Spending a whole day with my wife, doing nothing in particular (they’re a bit too rare, but just had one yesterday).

    Good list, Susannah! Happy Birthday! May the coming decade be the best yet!


    • Ah, lovely things….if I’m still doing this blog when I’m 80 (LOL) I’ll have no trouble writing a list of 80 things I love – there are so many others I could have added to the list šŸ™‚ Glad you had a wonderful day yesterday.


  2. 40??!! You don’t look a day over 39! That’s me, just messing with you. You’re beautiful. Things I love…grandkids, my son, my d-in-law, good friends like you, good writing, kick-ass editors (like me), brownies, marching band music, cowboy boots, anything that reminds me of my Mother, big band music, good food and lots of it from any country, freezing cold beer on a hot summer day, any hot summer day, languages (including American Sign Language which I’m familiar with), laughter (especially of the grandson variety), the way babies smell, disco music, beautiful Christmas choral music, crop circles and news of UFOs, heavy carved wood furniture. Oh wow, I could go on….HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I didn’t mind turning 30, I was depressed turning 40 (that’s the ex’s fault), and I didn’t give a crap turning 50. This year – the double nickel!


    • Wow! I love your list of things you love. I feel remiss that I didn’t include in my list the new baby smell….I could get drunk on that! I’m sorry your 40th was less than spectacular – I’m sure you made up for it on the birthdays since šŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing some of the things you love…made me realise how many things I love didn’t get on mine LOL xox


  3. Since I’ve passed 60, I’ll keep this short and say my favorites are grandkids and retirement! Happy Birthday! I enjoyed your list.


  4. Happy Birthday. I think we should make lists every year of things (and beings) we love. Helps us be grateful for every day, every week, every year. Your list was lovely and very similar to mine. I’d add ‘my dog’ (because his eyes lead me to some amazing light sometimes), yoga (because when I breathe right, I find the light inside me), and the sunrise (the beginning of a glorious new day!) and the sunset (with a glass of wine and my love, the celebration of a day worth living). Hope you have a great year ahead.


    • I think you are right….I might start doing that every year. I wonder how much it would change from year to year? And I, too, love sunrise and sunset. I see far more sunsets than sunrises, I’m afraid! Sunsets happen a bit too early for me most days šŸ™‚


  5. Happy Birthday! I turned 40 a few years ago. It was just about one of my best birthdays ever. That day was also my very first art show ever. So many friends came to the opening–I confess to feeling like a star, charming and perfect in every way. Of course, reality set in soon enough, but it was a fun night.

    I’ve got the obvious favorite things. Like my son. How much I love him him and am amazed by him still surprises me. I won’t list 40 things here, but the list would include my husband, my two dogs Sadie and Porter, books, my art, and being here on this planet in this stunning universe. And Doctor Who. The person who created the Doctor and the TARDIS–I love that person. šŸ™‚


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