Family or friend…and never the two shall meet!

I consider myself fairly blessed in the friends and family department, plus or minus a few rogue people in each group.

And what I love most is when the two groups not only cross paths but go off, hands joined skipping into the horizon.

On my husband’s side, there is a particular case where this has happened. Where ‘family’ has met ‘friends’ in the most spectacular fashion.

Let’s call them Stibby and Looby Lou. I have known Stibby and Looby Lou almost as long as I have known my husband as they were the first family members I was introduced to.

We hit it off straight away, despite my severe lack of maturity, being just 18 as I was, and have remained in close contact ever since.

We recently spent a weekend with Stibby and Looby Lou, at their house in the beautiful Northern New South Wales. We left the chicklets with the grandparents and basically did grown up fun stuff ie pondering the particular notes of the many bottles of red, pondered the particular virtues and merits of The Voice contestants, swapped favourite book titles, and had copious chats and ‘very serious’ conversations about our various technology devices ie phones and ipads.

I love spending time with these people. There is not a laugh-free half an hour when with them, usually because one of the four of us is the friendly butt of a joke or two, or three…or four. We laugh long and hard when playing games like Cranium and Articulate (a little tiny….quark, quark!) and competition gets serious when playing games like Quiddler and
Rage (I won both, by the way πŸ™‚ ).

I love the easy way of being when we are together; I love the water bottles and chocolate by the bed; the ahmaaahzing food; the contented silences; the way we all laugh at the same things yet are more than happy to disagree and have a hearty debate when necessary. I love all these things but more than that, I just love who they are. Plain and simple.

And I’m so glad I can call them both family and friends. Double bonus πŸ™‚

So, thank you, Stibby and Looby Lou, for the weekend, for the fun, and for the friendship. We love you heaps and are looking forward to growing old with you – esp as you’ll both get Β there first and be able to give us tips πŸ˜‰

9 thoughts on “Family or friend…and never the two shall meet!

  1. Sounds like a great time, and you are indeed very lucky to have family you can call friends. When my sister was married, the 4 of us used to do quite a bit together. But after her divorce she went one way (hanging out with her single friends) and my husband and I had our kids to focus on. I keep telling her she needs to get married again so I’d see her more often, lol.


  2. Makes me miss our old gang. Seems like we’re too spread out. We need to make time for the kind of weekend you’re describing. You’ve given me a mission for the summer (which is just starting here). Thanks for creating such a vivid mental picture of something I’ve been missing, Susannah!


    • Wonderful Vaughn! Can’t wait to hear about your summer πŸ™‚ Weekends like the one we’ve just had do much to revive the body, heart and soul, which we all need from time to time.


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