Phuket and 8 year old phonetic pronunciation

The f-word has been the beginning of some really great conversations in our family.

For instance, travel back in time with me to when our 21 year old was a sweet six year old.

First day of grade 1 –

Him: Mum, the teacher told us today that we aren’t allowed to say the f-word.

Me: Is that so? And what word is that, exactly?

Him (in a very low whisper): Fat.

Travel back with me to about eight months ago and join me in the luggage department of Myer.

Eight year old daughter: F*** it.


Eight year old daughter, pointing to sign over luggage stating possible holiday destinations: F*** it.

Me: (too hysterically laughing to respond, walks away to leave husband to deal with it)

Fast forward again to yesterday.

Same eight year old now famous for all the wrong reasons in Myer: Someone got a detention today for saying a bad swear word.

Me: Oh really? Who and what word?

Her: [name of child has been withheld in the name of I-need-to-still-be-accepted-in-the-school-carpark] _________and for the word that ends in ‘k’.

Me: Ooooooh, that IS a bad swear word.

Her: Ah uh! (thoughtful pause) Does it start with ph or f?

Me: F. Why? You don’t need to know how to spell it!

Her: No, but I do need to know whether I should say the f-word or the ph-word and not call it ‘the word that ends in ‘k”.

Like I said, the f-word has sure started some really great conversations in our family 🙂

6 thoughts on “Phuket and 8 year old phonetic pronunciation

  1. SImply adorable. My kids are terrified of saying that word for fear for getting struck down by lightning. And then if they do feel the need to retell an incident (we get a lot of stories about kids at school who get in trouble for saying bad words), then my kids will preface their information by looking skyward and saying, “Please God, don’t get mad at me for saying this word but I need to explain the story to my Mom.”

    I’m sure God forgives kids when they’re polite in their usage. 🙂


  2. Oh, I meant to add that I wonder why some people don’t think before they name places that are too similar to “naughty” words. I bet Phuket gets a lot of mispronunciations!

    My kids still can’t say the word Uranus without doubling over in a fit of giggles, pleased to legitimately say a “bad word.”

    Although I think I heard that the space center or someone authoritative is trying to encourage the world’s population to pronounce it like ‘Urine-us,’ instead of the other way. 🙂


    • Ahhh yes. I remember Uranus from my primary school days. And we all thought we were the first ones to laugh at it and that the adults didn’t know what they were saying! LOL Not sure I’ll ever call it Urine-us….:)


  3. It is funny the conversations that start over the “bad words!” I have had a few of these. I say phuket all the time, but never in front of the grandsons. I don’t want them saying, “But MoMo says it all the time.” at school!


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