What do Indian ex-prostitutes have to do with our Thailand trip?

Well, I’m glad you asked 🙂

Chalky recently sent me the link on facebook to these:

These cotton pants, Punjammies, are made by Indian women who have escaped a life of prostitution and are now earning money dyeing and making these trés fab pants. Now, you know I love helping a good cause, so I was immediately trying to think of exactly why I needed some of these pants.

And then a light bulb – we are going to Thailand in summer = we will need super cool (in temperature and looks, of course) pants to wear.


Yes please and thank you very much. Guilt free shopping which helps everyone. Done!

Love it 🙂

And even if you’re not going to Thailand like we are, surely you need a pair, or two. Here’s the link www.ecouterre.com. Feel free to send me photos of you in your new pants!

NB: Just went and tried to order some Punjammies…guess what? No delivery to Australia 😦 Sooooo, have emailed them and just waiting for a reply. Cross your fingers, Aussies! And you lucky Americans – go buy some!

5 thoughts on “What do Indian ex-prostitutes have to do with our Thailand trip?

  1. I can’t believe they don’t mail to Australia! Well, if they still won’t after your email request, I’ll give you my mailing address in the states and then I will send them to you. Seriously. 🙂


  2. These are amazing! I wonder if they ship to Canada? No worries, I have a friend in Boston who receives all my goods that I order from the U.S. She’s my personal distribution warehouse, poor thing. Thanks for sharing, I definitely want a pair!


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