Lykkelig Fars Dag

No, a toddler hasn’t grabbed my laptop and randomly typed in the title of this post….it’s Danish for Happy Father’s Day! And since that husband of mine is Danish (apparently), I thought I would salute him in his native tongue. NB. He cannot speak Danish and has never been there, but hey.

So today, if you haven’t already gathered, is Father’s Day in the great land of Oz.

After my last post – which you can read here if you like – among many other things, I have gained a renewed appreciation for the amazing father my husband is and how well he has raised and is raising our children.

A father is so vitally important – or insert, strong male figure there if applicable – to a child’s development, how they see themselves and the world, a role that is often overlooked by society.

My husband tells all our kids on a regular basis that he loves them. For our son, he showed him how to be a man, how to ‘feel’, how to express those feelings. He also taught him the worth of women, and how they should be treated. They are great mates and I just know that will steadily increase with time.

For our girls, he is constantly teaching them what they are worth, not only by how he treats them but by how he treats me (our 15 year old will often quietly say to no-one in particular “I’m never gonna find a guy” when he comes home with flowers for no reason or brings me wine as I recline in the lounge as he makes tea – yes, the bar has been set very high!). With lots of hugs, affection and verbal affirmation, he is building up in them the knowledge of how they should be treated by men, giving them the standards they should expect in their future relationships.

I think one of the big issues with girls buying into the culture we find ourselves in (again, read the previous post if you like :)) is that they have not been shown their real worth – by their mothers or their fathers. Men who opening objectify women will not raise girls who are certain of their intrinsic worth regardless of their outward appearance.

Men who respect, value and treasure women will raise girls who will respect, value and treasure themselves; girls who won’t feel the need to wear short shorts, short tight skirts and low cut tops, to gain male attention and affection. These girls will be full to the brim with good, proper male attention from their fathers that they will be far more choosey about which men they want to attract and enter into relationships with.

I am very blessed to have a father for my children who is as determined as I am to raise our girls to know their worth. Girls who are comfortable in their own skin, no matter what size it is. Girls who will refuse to ‘settle’ in relationships and who know that if a guy is attracted by short skirts and too much cleavage, he’s not even worth a second glance.

He is also teaching them to be strong, resilient, independent women who are keen to make a difference. Sometimes this is easier said than done, when they look at him with their puppy dog eyes and smile sweetly, asking for some sort of favour or purchase – Say no!! I silently cry. And usually, he does, but not always, and that’s okay too 🙂

So, yes, I and my children are exceedingly blessed to have him. And although today we gave him gifts to celebrate Father’s Day, it is really he who is the gift to us, one that we are very grateful he gives to us each and every day.

Oh and a happy Father’s Day to my dad – another outstanding man and father 🙂 You can read my post about him here.

6 thoughts on “Lykkelig Fars Dag

  1. You are extremely lucky! I have been very unlucky in love, so I can appreciate your good fortune all the more. Good role models at home are the best defense against what children are barraged with in the outside world. Children learn what they live! Kudos to you and the hubs.


    • Thanks Karen….I appreciate (nearly!) every day how good I have it 🙂 And our kids, while they do have some level of appreciation now, will appreciate him more and more as they grow and are in relationships themselves.:)


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