Spoiling the spoils

You may remember that we are growing some veggies etc in our little garden (go here if you want a refresher πŸ™‚ ) One of the most coveted of our vast array of homegrown produce is the strawberries.

This is due to the fact that there is such a small number of them, the fact that we all love strawberries, and the fact that these homegrown ones are so super sweet and juicy.

So here’s what seems to happen.

“Oh look! A strawberry!” says random member of the family.

“Ooooh yum!” exclaim the other three members.

The prize is then reverently taken inside and placed on the kitchen bench, glittering with the promise of juicy sweetness inside.

There may then ensue a short but robust argument over who had the last one and therefore, whose ‘turn’ it was to have the one freshly harvested.

Invariably, the phone rings, the dog barks, a fly goes past and the participants in the argument are sufficiently distracted that the strawberry remains intact on the bench.

Later, I will place it up on the kitchen windowsill with the ripening tomatoes, saying to myself “Someone will enjoy that!” and get on with making tea or peeling the potatoes.

Allow three or four days to pass. Someone spies the strawberry, still sitting with it’s tomato friends and picks it up.

The difference is, now the strawberry is a dull, dark red colour and it may, or may not, have the beginnings of some lovely white fuzzy growth.

We love them so much and are so proud of them that we end up not eating them, that’s the sort of savvy farming going on at our place.

It struck me how we do that with other things too. An opportunity is soooo good that we spend so much time admiring it and oohh-ing and aahh-ing over it that when we finally do get round to taking it, it’s gone.

When was the last time you deliberated so much that the moment passed and you missed out?

Seize the day (or in our case, strawberry) when it’s there, fresh and full of sweet promise.

Go on! Do it!

8 thoughts on “Spoiling the spoils

  1. Haha. Admiring is almost as good as eating – or maybe more so! I tend to be the one who jumps in too quickly and eats the strawberry and perhaps ends up eating a worm.


  2. We do this too!! I’ve been looking at my rainbow silverbeet in the pots on my balcony and admiring them. Noticed one is starting to look a bit worse for wear – probably about time to actually eat and enjoy them!


  3. A great story, and a great analogy! I love the comparison. I try to grab all the opportunities I can, if and when I recognize them! In our rush to grab all the strawberries, we sometimes overlook a small opportunity that might just be the next great friendship, next great writing or publishing opportunity …


  4. I do this, always saying to myself ‘save the best for last’–like the best looking homemade chocolate chip cookie, or the cheesiest slice of pizza–and then I forget about it and it’s gone bad, lol. I also do this with gift certificates to nice restaurants, wanting to save them for the “right moment” until I forget about them and they expire!

    Good reminder, Fandina! Must eat the strawberries, NOW! πŸ™‚


    • Yes, gift certificates are the worst for that! And then there is a mad rush at the end with only a week left til it expires and you end up buying something you don’t want….or sometimes, I am determined not to do that, so I buy something and then a month later find something that I would have preferred to what I bought LOL Timing is everything it seems!


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