Public service announcement

I don’t think it’s any secret that I love stories. And the only thing better than telling a good story, is being told one. I love nothing more than when in conversation, someone starts with “So, I’ll tell you the story”. I settle in and enjoy it.

The problem comes when you’ve heard it before and then, particularly if it’s not a very exciting story, you groan on the inside and toss up whether to tell the person that they have already told you this specific adventure of theirs. If you know them well enough, it’s easy to say “Oh yes, I remember you saying that! It was soooo funny!” and thereby avoid the re-telling.

Now, here’s my problem. On this blog, I tell the stories of my life, the little snippets that are funny, sad or in-between. Then, when I see people in real life, I’m not sure if they have read it or not and there begins the awkwardness.

When I first started this blog, I used to forget, and sometimes still do, that I had written something on here, and that people were reading it, and I would be very surprised when someone knew something that I was sure I hadn’t told them before!

So, if I say, before launching into a ‘story of the week’, “Have you read my blog lately?” I sound terribly pretentious, and there then begins a tricky, always embarrassing conversation in which the poor person feels they should apologise for not having read it and give me all sorts of reasons why, which I really don’t need to know, because no-one should feel any compunction to read my blog, just because they know me.

And even when I am with people who I know read this, I don’t like to assume they have read the latest one because, you know, people have other things to do besides sit around reading about what little ‘ole me is up to.

If, on the other hand, I don’t ask if they have read it, and they have read it, I run the risk of being one of those boring ‘story-repeaters’, who everyone soon begins to dread having around.

So. Here’s the deal:

People who see me in real life and also read this blog – tell me when I am trying to tell  you a story you have already read on here.

Please, please, please, do not try to be polite and suffer through.

Just tell me, nicely, of course, that you have seen it on the blog, and we will move on. It will only take a few minutes for me to think of a story I haven’t written about and launch into that, so don’t worry 😉

PS. Bloggers – do any of you have this same problem? Do tell. It will make me feel better 🙂

21 thoughts on “Public service announcement

  1. It is even more frustrating when you don’t write a blog but really enjoy telling stories about your life. By the time you’ve lived enough of your life to have stories to tell, you can’t remember what you’ve told to whom. So you learn to recognize that glazed-over look but some friends, burdened with the same CRS syndrome, become very good at not glazing over. What do you do then??


    • LOL love it! I guess the answer is “I’ll listen to your repeat stories, if you’ll listen to mine.” And maybe you should think about writing a blog, so you can tell lots of people who’ve never heard them all before!


  2. Interesting, but we’ll never have that problem. At least not until we meet face to face and I’ll be sure to tell you if you’re retelling! Then again sometimes I like hearing stories twice from people, especially if its a good yarn. 🙂


    • Yes, it’s only the poor people who have to put up with me in person who really need worry. And if you like hearing things twice, I’m your girl – and my stories are all ripping yarns!


  3. What about those of us who have “heard” the stories a few times before, only to find them again on the blog and then asked if we have read the recent blog? 🙂 Love you 🙂


  4. Well, since I never met you in person, all of what you post here is new to me! My mom and Aunt Agnes used to do this “thing” when someone would start to tell a story already heard…They would hold up two fingers (like the peace sign). Some of the younger generation in my family don’t appreciate it. Ha! But when Mom and Agnes did it, I knew I had already told the story – and I would stop. But here on your blog, all of what you say is new – so keep it coming! I love your blog.


  5. In my close circle, we’re old enough and known each other for long enough that we’ve heard every story many more times than twice–even the brand new ones (which are usually mere variations). So we just smile at each other and, behind the glazed looks, daydream. Works for me.


  6. I don’t think any of my friends or family read my blog, so it’s not a problem. That sounds like I’m whining, but really, it’s just the truth. In person, I have a friend who often repeats her stories, and I can’t remember what I’ve told her either, so I love Karen’s idea of the two fingered salute … must try that =)


      • I often can’t remember who I’ve told what! I’d prefer that people would give me the two finger salute (if I’ve already told them the story), than to have them thinking, “Oh, good Lord, this story again?”


        • Definitely! If I am with my husband, he will invariable let me know LOL so that’s handy….but if he isn’t around, I most certainly want people to let me know. Isn’t it funny though, when you tell someone that they have already told you a story and then they re-tell it anyway?? We’re a funny bunch, us homo sapiens!


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