Carpe Diem

One of my favourite movies is Dead Poets Society. I love the whole motto of Carpe Diem – seize the day! Another line of Robin Williams in the film is “suck the very marrow out of life!” And I am nothing if not a ‘suck the marrow out of life’ type of girl.

We have had a big month and it finished with a spectacularly big weekend. And for someone still prone to feeling the effects of Ross River Virus, I must admit to feeling a little weary.

So the weekend began on Friday morning when I hopped on a plane and flew to Mackay, which is about a 12 hour drive away for those not in the land of Oz. I then enjoyed a family dinner for one of my sisters 50th birthday. In the morning it was back on the plane, landing in Brisbane around lunchtime, and home to begin the saga that is hair and make-up for my girls dance concert and be at the hall by 4.30pm.

I somehow got caught with my hand in the air when the call went out for help in the dressing room (seriously, I was waving to a friend!) and ended up applying the Principal of the dance school’s make-up and her 2IC and copious amounts of little girls in tiara’s, tutu’s and tights as well. All good fun for a really fabulous night.

So we find ourselves at McDonalds after the concert at about 9.30 and somewhere around the sundae stage, ABBA’s famous Mamma Mia song came on the radio that was being played through the store. With plastic spoons in hand, my teenager and I start singing…loudly.

Now, my husband loves me very much, and you would think after over 20 years together he would be used to my ‘occasional’  public displays of craziness but alas, he is not. He was shushing us quite heartily, which only served to make us sing louder, of course. And can you imagine his reaction when we stood and started to dance? Yes, it was quite funny.

I figure it like this…there are two options, either a) no one knows me and the likelihood of ever seeing anyone again is pretty low, so who cares? or b) someone I know is there and they see me and think nothing of it because I dance and sing all the time, no matter the company or the place. So, really, why shouldn’t I dance and sing in a half full McDonalds at 10 o’clock at night?

On the way home, I quipped that I was merely sucking the marrow out of life and he just laughed, and started singing Mamma Mia. I pointed out that it didn’t count as we were safely in the confines of our own vehicle .

Once home at about 10.30, he states that it was hot (which it was) and declares he is going for a swim (which the girls quickly agreed to). It was late, the girls were tired, I was even more so but in they went. (I couldn’t be bothered with all that, so toggled between the couch and the edge of the pool to chat. )

And then I realised. He was sucking the marrow out of life too. Each of us were creating memories, having fun and seizing the day, just in different ways.

And ain’t that what it’s all about? Finding ways to make the moments count, in whatever way we feel comfortable.

For some, it’s dancing and singing in public, for others it’s letting kids stay up even later than they already are and watching the stars with them floating in a pool.

Are you sucking the very marrow out of life? If not, why not?

Carpe diem, my lovely friends, carpe diem.

8 thoughts on “Carpe Diem

  1. Great post, S. And thanks for the reminder. My grandson helps me remember to suck the marrow, too. I was in a busy store this weekend with him and my daughter, and she was getting frustrated with the lack of sales help, and we had limited time. She can only shop on weekends and the stores were nuts, and it was turning out to be not very fun. I decided to give all of my attention to him so she could get her stuff done, and once I did I automatically started feeling much better. Kids are great for that. They keep things simple, and it’s magic.


    • Yes, it is harder at this time of year to remember to make the most of every moment. What a wonderful mum and grandma you are 🙂 You can come shopping with me any day! And you are so right, kids are a fabulous reminder of what’s important…allowing them to remind us is the trick!


  2. It’s so cool that your daughter would sing with you at McDonalds. We were in a very uncrowded theater one time when three young teenage girls entered and went clear down the front and off to one side to sit. In due time, the mother of at least one of them showed up, popcorn in hand, and went down the wrong aisle. When she spotted the girls, she turned to us…what choice did she have?…and said, quite unnecessarily, “I’m with them” and pointed. The three girls sank into their chairs, at which point Mom began to dance, popcorn held high, pointing in time with her dance, and saying “I’m with them, I really am”. She made her way across the theater to the accompaniment of our laughter, then applause, and eventually foot-stomping. By the time she reached her seat, only the tops of the girls’ heads could be seen. She had a great time and gave the rest of us a wonderful memory!


    • LOL that really did make me laugh! A woman after my own heart! Yes, my teenager, surprisingly, never seems embarrassed by me – yet! And if she’s not in the mood to join in, she just looks at me with a bored expression and says “You’re only embarrassing yourself, you know.” 🙂


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