14 things I love about Christmas – Day One

I know traditionally, it’s 12 days of Christmas, but hey, I’m starting early ๐Ÿ™‚

If you read this blog this time last year, you might remember that, although I love Christmas, I was feeling a little flat.

Well, this year, I seem to have re-found my Christmas zing and am all excited that the big day is just two weeks away.

So, each day until then, I am going to talk about my favourite things (and I would love to hear yours too!) and include a photo of Christmassy things that relate in my home.

They will be in no particular order (and the one for Christmas Day might be a day late due to all the festivities!) and are all equally as important ๐Ÿ™‚

Now, todays? It’s stockings.

My children's stockings, looking a bit worse for wear but do you think they will let me buy new ones? :)

My children’s stockings, looking a bit worse for wear but do you think they will let me buy new ones? ๐Ÿ™‚

I used to love getting my stocking as a kid on Christmas morning and I love filling them for my kids now I am grown up a little.

We had these big white cardboard and mesh ones that I think my parents made and they could fit a lot of goodies inside! I remember one year lying there chatting and giggling to my sister as we tried very hard to get to sleep when we heard the creak of our bedroom door opening, silencing us immediately. We lay, stock still as our dad crept to the ends of our beds and laid the stockings there. We should have known we couldn’t fool him because, just as he was about to close the door (and I might add, as we were about to spring up and peek!) he said quietly, “Now. Go to sleep and no peeking.” Oh the anticipation was almost too much to bear! Being the good girls that we were, we didn’t peek but I think it was a fair while before we were asleep!

Anticipation is one of the wonderful things about this time of year. Secret rustlings behind closed doors, mad dashes from the car with parcels behind our backs, off limits areas where presents are hidden – I love it all.

And isn’t it good to feel that sense of anticipation? To have to actually wait for something! In our instant society, this is an all but forgotten feeling and one that we would do well to practise ourselves and encourage our children in. To me, the anticipation makes it all that much sweeter.

How about you? Does the anticipation nearly do you in or are you happy to let it rise?

12 thoughts on “14 things I love about Christmas – Day One

  1. It makes me excited just reading this. Most of the excitement really is seeing other people’s faces when you pick that present just right for them!


  2. While I do remember some of the big gifts that were under the tree, I always had a great time opening stuff Mom and Ang put in the stocking. Some were silly little games, some were things I needed, I even found jewelry once in a while. Love the stocking stuffers!


    • Yes, there were mainly little bits and pieces in there…bubble gum, a pretty hair brush, a water gun – and I loved it all! It was a wonderful precursor to the big presents under the tree!


  3. My sister used to wake me up around 3 am because she couldn’t sleep, she was too excited. We would watch the clock for 4 hours, since we couldn’t wake our parents up until 7 am. I still remember the anticipation, it nearly killed me!


    • 3am!!!! LOL That’s funny ๐Ÿ™‚ I remember our son once woke at 2am and woke me up…I was not impressed, to say the least and made him stay in bed until at least 6. I could hear him singing and rustling around – I think the anticipation nearly killed him too! That was a one off though…unlike your sister LOL


  4. We had homemade stockings, too. I didn’t realize it until I was older, and we didn’t hang them anymore, that they were made by my maternal grandmother and not my mother. She passed when I was about five, so it makes them a bit more special. My sister still has them.


  5. I absolutely love the anticipation! We didn’t have stockings because Christmas was a very religious holiday for us, but we did have presents under the tree. We arranged and re-arranged them many times over, loving their colors and shapes. Amazingly, we didn’t snoop…that would have spoiled the surprises.


    • We weren’t allowed to touch the presents under the tree, so while mum was making a cup of tea for her and dad, we would sit round the tree pointing and trying to guess which one’s were ours, all the while heightening the anticipation further and further! Good on you for not snooping…I would have been shaking, feeling and sniffing them all!


  6. Christmas can be a tricky holiday, especially when it comes to changes in family. I love that you’re writing about the 14 days of Christmas, and I love those stockings! Ours are wool with fleece cuffs, nice and roomy for lots of treats!


    • Yes, you are so right…not always happy family time and memories, unfortunately ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
      Your stockings sound lovely! My kids ones are that big which helps them look super stuffed!


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