14 things I love about Christmas – Day Three

What is it about singing in the shower? Is it the fact that the acoustics are so good that even someone like me sounds uncannily like Mariah Carey? Is it the fact that we can’t hear ourselves properly due to the sound of the water? Is it the freedom that comes with being de-robed? All I do know is that I sound fabulous in there and at this time of year, what better to sing than Christmas carols.


One thing I do wish we had here in Australia are those door-to-door Carollers you see on American movies. How lovely to open your front door and find a bunch of ordinary people merrily singing their hearts out just for my enjoyment!

Unlike me, my husband sings well both in and out of the shower and this year, will be a part of our church’s choir and be singing at our Carols service this weekend. I can’t wait! I love hearing him sing around the house, so to get to hear him sing publicly will be simply wonderful.

My parents can both sing well but I particularly remember my mum’s singing at Christmas time, especially in church. Sometimes I wouldn’t sing, just so I could listen to her. I love pretty much all Christmas carols (apart from the Little Drummer Boy, which drives me nuts for some reason) but one of my favourites is O Little Town of Bethlehem, especially when my mum sings it.

Music is so important and so good for our souls. And at Christmas time, popping a Christmas CD on is often a good way to really get in the festive mood. When I start my cooking for the season, Christmas music is a must! I simply can’t do without it and I’m sure the food would not taste as good if I didn’t have it on.

Do you have a favourite Christmas CD? I need suggestions as the half dozen I have get a pretty good workout in December and my family would surely appreciate a wider selection!

12 thoughts on “14 things I love about Christmas – Day Three

  1. I can remember one that we all loved and sang at Christmas in our family – “Come on rings those bells” by Evie Tornquest (not sure how to spell her name) You might know that one too!!


    • Yes! I wanted to put that one but didn’t know how many would know it. I cannot read that line without hearing it all in my head! And guess which song your youngest granddaughter sang in the Sunday school play last week??? πŸ™‚ And do you know I still cannot find the cassette tape of it since we moved….you know who threw it out I think!!


  2. I see more carolers in the movies than in real life. I remember one Christmas (high school time) a bunch of us went around the neighborhood, stopping at each caroler’s home. Lots of singing and hot chocolate that night! And what fun. I would love to revisit caroling! Christmas music on the radio is great – I usually like to listen to it a few days before and after Christmas, but then the dust settles. I am enjoying these Christmas posts – they are bringing forth a lot of fond memories!


    • Oh how cool! Maybe you can bring carolling back, Karen! I listen for pretty much the whole month, which means that by Christmas Eve the family are rolling their eyes and say “really??? again??” LOL
      Glad you are enjoying them Karen – I’m loving writing them!


  3. When I was little, my older sisters and their friends used to organize neighborhood caroling sessions. As I recall, it was as much for the ‘figgy pudding’ reward (usually actually cookies or hot chocolate) than a genuine desire to spread joy, but both ends were met.

    My favorite Christmas album is Wintersong, by Sarah McLachlan. It’s about eight years old, but I love her voice. A new one I’m enjoying this year is Tracy Thorn’s (voice of the 90’s duo Everything But the Girl) Tinsel and Lights.

    Keep the memories comin’, Susannah! πŸ™‚


  4. I, too, had parents who sang well. There was a joke in our church that it didn’t matter who married you or buried you, it wasn’t official unless my parents sang.
    I associate “O Holy Night” with my father’s voice and it always brings tears to my eyes.
    The city where I grew up had a free concert every year of Handel’s Messiah and my parents introduced us to it early on. That’s my favorite for getting the Christmas spirit going full force.


  5. I love Christmas carols. They may be my favourite thing of this sacred Holiday. My favourite carol (though Silent Night is a close second) is The Holly and the Ivy.


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