14 Things I love about Christmas – Day Six


I love to give gifts, and at Christmas time, I especially love it because I can give gifts to all the people I love on the same day.

Today, I can’t think about giving those gifts without thinking of the families in Connecticut who have gifts, wrapped and ready, that will never be given.

Nothing I do here will bring those children and loved ones back. Nothing I do here will help make sense of it or ease their incomprehensible pain.

All I can do is give my gifts and understand that it is me who has been given the gift.  The gift of their presence at the Christmas table; the gift of another day, another Christmas full of memories; the gift of their lives, whole and safe.

I pray for those whose lives have been forever changed. I pray that, somehow, they will find a measure of peace over the coming days.

And I pray for all of us, that we will never take for granted the truly staggering gift that is our loved ones. May we treasure them this Christmas time and always.