14 things I love about Christmas – Day eight


Games. I grew up playing all sorts of crazy English games, as well as a few of the normal ones.

There was one called ‘squeak piggy squeak’. Everyone sat on chairs in a circle and someone was blindfolded; that person then had to sit on each persons lap and say ‘squeak piggy squeak’ and see if they could guess whose lap they were sitting on. If they guess correctly, then that person has to be blindfolded and we go again. Sounds riveting, doesn’t it?

Or how about ‘newspaper’? This is when somebody thinks of an activity and then everyone else asks them questions, such as “Do you newspaper in the morning?” and so on, until someone guesses the activity and then it’s their turn. I used to love that game (and I stress used to!).

I’m sure some of you would know the game ‘How green you are’. It, too, is terribly exciting. Someone goes out of the room. Someone who is still in the room chooses an item in the room. Person then comes back into the room and everyone sings “how green you are” either loudly or softly, depending on how close the person is to the item as they wander the room.Once the item is guessed, another person exits the room, and repeat the whole thing over again. See? I told you it was exciting.

I can’t say I would enjoy these games now, but they typified a perfect Christmas to me as a kid. And usually, we would still be wearing our silly paper hats from the crackers, just to add some flair to the evenings events.

Nowadays, my family and I stick to the more traditional games like Articulate, Balderdash and various card games such as Billionaire and Quiddler. We still have just as much fun and it’s definitely a highlight of the Christmas season for me.

Did you, or do you still, play any crazy games or do you go for the more mainstream ones?



4 thoughts on “14 things I love about Christmas – Day eight

  1. We played a lot of games but not just at Christmas. My dad worked nights, my mother didn’t drive, and we did not have a TV, so we played dominoes, checkers, and lots of made-up games. At Christmas, my favorite was working a jigsaw puzzle. When I got too old for dolls and little-kid games, my mother would find a jigsaw puzzle for me and go to great lengths to wrap it so that it didn’t sound like a puzzle. Then she’d help me work it. I still get the urge to work jigsaw puzzles ever so often.


    • Yes, we tend to play games all year round too 🙂 And I love, love, love puzzles! And I think I might have passed that on to my children. A puzzle is a must during the holidays. We have one of those felt roll up mats, so we can put it away and get it out whenever we please. I love it that your mum tried to not make it sound like a puzzle – they are very hard to disguise!


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