14 things I love about Christmas – Day ten

So sorry if you have been waiting and waiting for today’s post πŸ˜‰ but the reason is I have had a super busy day (an impending mother in law visit will do that) and we only just now have returned from fetching said mother in law and looking at the Christmas lights.

Which is our topic for today – I love Christmas lights!

Every year we find out the best places to go, new and old, and hop in the car, Christmas CD in the player and set off. This year, due to picking my mother in law up from her home which is about an hour away, we decided to look at the lights with her as they have a large display in the town where she lives.

Christmas lights have it all – bright colours, flashing lights, clever arrangements. I dare you to not feel Christmassy when wandering along a path dotted with lit up trees, dangling lights and the ever present carols on repeat. The lights display we saw tonight was in the town botanical gardens and was such an array of colour that it was hard to know where to look. The photos do not do them justice but you can get an idea. They are also slightly blurry on account of all the people and having to try and snap a pic when no one was in the way. See if you can spot one blurry photo-bombing child πŸ™‚


This was tricky as it kept flashing on and off in time to the music!

This was tricky as it kept flashing on and off in time to the music!

As it was in a garden, flowers made of lights were kind of obligatory, I guess :)

As it was in a garden, flowers made of lights were kind of obligatory, I guess πŸ™‚

For me Christmas lights embody all the joy, excitement and wonder of the season.Β I love it that people go to so much effort with their lights, purely to give enjoyment to others, which is, after all kinda a main theme at this time of year πŸ™‚

Do you have a tradition of looking at the Christmas lights each year?

14 thoughts on “14 things I love about Christmas – Day ten

  1. In years gone by, we’d pile into the car and just drive around, stopping when we saw a great display. Even visited a few venues that had huge displays, the Santa House in New Castle county, Delaware. Now … everybody is too busy. But I STILL do it!


  2. There is a suburban residential street in my hometown called Christmas Card Lane. Each year all the houses in the neighborhood not only decks the house out with enough lights to put Clark Griswold to shame, they each also have an eight foot tall painted wooden Christmas card erected in their front yard with a spotlight on it.

    Not sure if all thirty or so houses still participate, but in the 70’s, driving the lane was a staple of the season. They made the local papers often, leading to a steady line of creeping bumper-to-bumper gawkers passing the house from dusk till midnight every night for three week. Somehow I doubt they all still do it.


    • Wow! That sounds amazing! It would have been a must for us πŸ™‚ It would be lovely if they still did it, wouldn’t it? Then I could put that on my list for when I do eventually come over your way. Does anyone do lights where you are now?


  3. We too drove around looking at lights, with our aunt and uncle and cousins all crammed into the car. The most fabulous display I’ve ever seen, though, was a dozen or so years ago in a wealthy suburb of San Antonio, TX. Most of the houses were beautifully decorated but one had a full-sized model of a horse, an elegant carriage, and manikins dressed in Victorian attire, carols playing, and all the snow that San Antonio never gets. It was amazing.


    • Oh my goodness! That would have been incredible to see. The most elaborate one we have seen is a man who had the most amazing display with so many many lights – the difference was it was all synced to music on the radio station he had set up. So people would open their car door, boots etc and have the music playing while standing and watching the lights all go on and off in time to it. It really was something to see. I think this is his last year actually, so it will be sad not to see that one each year.


    • Yes, that was something I enjoyed about last night – we were on foot so we didn’t have to worry about parking many times and could wander at our leisure. You should get in on the act, Fiona, and do your house! πŸ™‚


  4. Christmas lights are getting better and better each year. We’re pretty traditional with ours, but we do have a large snowman carved out of a huge piece of pine log that my husband made. We get a lot of comments on him πŸ™‚


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