14 things I love about Christmas – Day Thirteen

I had thought – because I’m not that great at maths – that fourteen days from when I started would land me on Christmas Day. Well, it doesn’t and it means tomorrow is the last day, so, you are getting the one for Christmas Eve, today and will get the one for Christmas Day, tomorrow πŸ™‚ Hope that’s okay with everyone!

I love, love, love Christmas Eve. It’s always full of cooking, last minute dashes to the shops, last minute wrapping, the atmosphere is rife with anticipation and excitement, and this year, there will be a late evening drive to the airport to pick up that boy of ours.

I have always loved Christmas Eve but it has held extra meaning for the last 20 years.

You see, 20 years ago on Christmas Eve night, a certain someone popped a certain question. Unfortunately, my response wasn’t a quick ‘yes’ as my beau had hoped, it was ‘where’s my ventolin? I’m having an asthma attack!’ as that’s what happens when someone asks you something you have been waiting to hear but are completely surprised by all at the same time.

Clearly, and eventually once I caught my breath, I did say yes and we whiled away the evening and small hours of Christmas morning sipping champagne and making all sorts of plans and dreams for our future together.

So every Christmas Eve since has been just a little bit special and we always share a glass of bubbly and toast all the nay-sayers who said we wouldn’t make it πŸ™‚

I love that he chose Christmas time to ask one of the most important questions one human being can ask another. Marriage is all about love, commitment and unity, just like Christmas.

God sent Jesus because He loved us and was committed to seeking relationship with us through Him which brings unity with Him and others, in our spirits and our hearts.

So what better time to commit to loving another person for the rest of your life? It hasn’t always been easy but each Christmas time, I am reminded of the commitment we made, as well as the commitment God made to us through Jesus.

And that gives me hope for the days ahead, peace for the turmoil, joyΒ for trials and love…for always.

Our wedding, 10 months after that special Christmas Eve.

Our wedding, 10 months after that special Christmas Eve.

4 thoughts on “14 things I love about Christmas – Day Thirteen

  1. How lucky you are to have a double reason to celebrate…and what a reason! I love the picture and I can only imagine how special Christmas Eve is for the two of you. Have a specially good one this year.


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