2013, here I come!

Well, happy new year everyone 🙂

2012, while not as challenging as 2011, certainly was no picnic, so I am crossing fingers, toes and anything else that will bend that way, for a bigger and better 2013.

If you read my monthly column, or even this blog last year, you might know that I detest new years resolutions (you can read last year’s rant here). I do, however, like goal setting. What the difference is, I’m not quite sure, but we go with what works, don’t we? 🙂

In just under two weeks, Chalky and I will be up, up and away and in Thailand (you can read about why and how, here), so the year definitely holds an adventure or two for us, that’s for sure.

But what about when we come back? What do I want the rest of the year to look like?

I think there is a strong chance I will come back freshly motivated and enthusiastic to make money. How can I go to a country and be with children who have been sold into the sex slave industry, where most people live in sub-standard (by Western society) conditions and come back wanting to make money?

Easy. I think I will want to increase our income so we can increase theirs. I hope that once I have seen the level of need and talked to staff at Destiny Rescue about what is in high demand, I will come home with a better idea of how to help. My guess is that money is going to be a big factor. In order to give more, I’m going to need more, so I think a renewed passion for our business and how we can increase our own revenue in order to increase our giving, will be likely.

On an individual level, my two goals are to finish the first draft of my novel (my beta readers will be pleased!) and get my final qualifications for Bowen therapy.

There is also one specific change I want to make. I am going to aim at spending 15 minutes a day doing nothing but being. No games on my iphone, no facebook, no book, no music. Just me and….me. I have realised coming into the new year how little I do that. And I have a sneaking suspicion it just might do me good to simply be, even if only for 15 minutes a day.

What are your goals, intentions and plans for this brand spanking new year?

8 thoughts on “2013, here I come!

  1. I like your goal of “being” for 15 minutes a day. I love the new year and the opportunity to reflect on what was, as well as what will be in next 12 months. Like you, I hope to be able to support those who are in need of freedom. We so often take freedom for granted…financial, emotional, physical, spiritual. I hope in 2013 I will have courage to contribute the freedom of others. One of my goals for this year is to financially support an organisation which helps people facing religious persecution (Barnabas fund). There is always sacrifice involved in achieving any goal, but when we consider how great the need is….there’s plenty of motivation to help make those sacrifices . May your 2013 adventure lead to freedom for many.


    • Sounds great! And I agree, sacrifice is always involved – either our money, how we feel, our time. I hope to have a reinvigorated sense of willingness to make those necessary sacrifices for others. And I pray that you, too, reach your goals of supporting others this year.


  2. I like the 15 minutes of “being” also. I don’t much like resolutions either; they are usually dead in the water before Valentine’s Day. I would like to publish something this year. I think I’ll edit today (my own stuff!), and ask my stories if they are ready to be published.

    Happy New Year, Susannah!


    • Yes, 15 minutes doesn’t sound very long, but I have a feeling it’s going to be easier said than done! I hope to extend it to half an hour with time though 🙂

      I hope your stories say yes – I want to read them!

      Praying your year is all you could hope and dream, Karen 🙂


  3. Good luck with your goals, Susannah. The Thailiand trip will no doubt be profound for you and Chalky. Good on you. I haven’t worked out my goals/resolutions yet, but as I’m going back to teach in a real high school I’m not sure I’ll have time for writing, perhaps I could focus on a little more peotry – not really sure yet. I especially like your goal about finishing your first draft – can’t wait!!!


    • Thanks Fiona! Profound and full of writing fodder! 🙂 I love your poetry, so I hope to see more of it in 2013 and, don’t worry, you girls will be the first to see the completed draft!


  4. As you may know from my blog, we’ve been without reliable wifi more than we’ve had it, so I’m just now getting around to some of my discretionary online reading.
    How different we all are! I have always HAD to have “me” time. If I don’t have time to just be by myself, I go nuts. I had to learn to like people and interact well with them. Now, of course, it’s hard to shut me up and I thrive on “people” time…while still needing a good dose of “me” time regularly. Recognizing our own needs and balancing those needs against others’ (especially when we are mothers) is one of the hardest jobs I know. Go for it!


    • Yes, I guess I am more the other way around…had to learn how to be by myself – and enjoy it! And you are right, the balancing act is very hard to do! I hope as I get older, I get better at it. I am enjoying my 15 minutes a day alone time – I must confess, I haven’t managed it every single day. The first day I did it, I sat there and after a little while thought “Surely that’s 15 minutes”….a check of my watch reveal that 3 minutes had passed LOL I’m getting better though! And I make sure I stick it out the full 15 🙂


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