Thailand or bust!

Cases almost finished :)

Cases almost finished 🙂

Well, this is it, peeps. Tomorrow we are off to Thailand. Yippee!

A couple of weeks back, I was turned inside out with nerves. Now, just hours away from departure day and I’m not nervous at all. I think I was so concerned with not forgetting anything and being organised and trying to preempt each and any contingency, that I just may have given myself a peptic ulcer.

I feel organised now, though. And am at the point of thinking that we can cope with anything I may not have thought to bring along (I did very nearly forget to pack undies, which could have been a little problematic).

I am not sure how much time or internet accessibility I will have, so may not be able to blog while I’m over there. But rest assured, I will be writing lots of stories and events down to be able to tell you all when I get back. Oh and photos. There will be lots of photos 😉

So, I will see you on flipside of two weeks, lovelies! Behave yourselves while I am gone or there will be trouble! 🙂

7 thoughts on “Thailand or bust!

  1. Susannah, my first thought was “don’t sweat packing. You can always buy something you’ve forgotten”. Then I realized that works when you are traveling domestically, maybe not so well when in another country. I hope it is a fabulous trip and can’t wait to read about it.


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