The trip in pictures.

I am still trying to collect my thoughts (could take awhile! 🙂 ) but I thought I would share some photos with you to give a general outline of some of the things we got up to during the two weeks. There will be posts on certain aspects and specific experiences coming up over the next few weeks 🙂

So, we got on a plane,

Landed in Thailand,


Street in Chiang Rai.

Ate these,


Crickets! They were actually not too bad 🙂

Which made Charli do this,

Charli crickets

She didn’t agree with me.

We went here,

White temple

The White Temple. Amazing architecture.

Saw this,

White buddha

The White Buddha.

Rode a big grey animal,

Charli elephant

She was allowed to ride on the front where the handler normally sits. He then sat with me and, gesturing to Charli, said the Thai word for beautiful. I learnt that one pretty quickly as it was said so often in reference to her 🙂 No-one else in our group was invited to sit up front….

Fell in love with these two,


Crossed this border,

Untitled 2

Felt sad at this state of living,

Untitled 3

On the Thailand side of the Burma border. It looked like it would collapse if a butterfly landed on it. The beggars on the bridge made it even sadder to me.

Helped create this,


Took this amazing shot 🙂


Bought a kilo of these,


Mangosteins – yummy! Wish we had them here.

Ate this,


Met the man who changed my life who lives here,


Twenty year old Andy lives here with his mother. He will get a whole post, or maybe two, just to himself and you will hear all about him 🙂

Were very happy to find this,


I wanted the bottle as a souvenir but they were the ones that get handed back and refilled at the factory…had to settle for bringing the bottle top home.

Ate here,


And here,

Green restaurant

And ate this,


Declined to eat this,


Due to my allergies and the language barrier, I erred on the side of caution and didn’t try it. Found out later that it was just some sort of sweet made from a certain palm tree. I was so annoyed as I had vowed to eat everything presented to me!

Met these crazy cats,

Lila and David and Jeff

And finally, came home to this,

Welcome home

And much more of course but you’ll have to wait for the rest 🙂

10 thoughts on “The trip in pictures.

  1. Wow, so many pictures…Crickets? Um, no. The White Temple. OMG. Amazing. I love that boat picture. I don’t know what it is about boat photos that speaks to me. Maybe I was a sailor in a previous life. I can’t wait to hear more and learn about Andy. I do hope we can hear more about each photo!


    • Come on! Crickets are yummy!
      The boat picture will be enlarged and up on a wall soon. It was a lucky shot that I am very proud of 🙂 And, yes, you will be hearing more about many, many things!


    • Yes, they were! They were deep fried and sprayed with soy sauce 🙂 Charli didn’t like the slightly gritty texture and others in the group complained about little legs getting stuck in between their teeth. I think I ate the most out of the group! Soft bunch, they are!
      Stories to come soon xo


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