Ten fantastic things about the rain.

Normally, I love the rain but even a diehard nature loving, optimistic, romantic has their limits.

The Great Southeast has been pummelled lately, and quite frankly, I think I can speak for everyone and say we’ve had enough.

Everything feels damp. The sky is dull. Mud keeps getting tracked through the house. Tempers are frayed with too much ‘inside’ time (and that’s just us parents!). The dogs won’t pee outside lest their little puds get wet and muddy, which means lots of *beeped out* cries from unsuspecting family members who unwittingly step in a warm puddle.

Ah, yes. I am quite ready for the sun to come out, thank you very much.

But, because I do always try to look on the bright side, here are ten FANTASTIC things about unending rain:

  1. Drying clothes via the dryer becomes a necessity rather than a luxury ie I save time by not having to hang the clothes out PLUS they don’t need ironing. Double bonus.Dryer
  2. My newly fertilized veggie patches are getting a nice soaking.Veggie boxes
  3. The grass is growing. (This might be a downside for those who have to mow it, but for me, I like seeing the lush green carpet outside.)grass
  4. Catching up on blog reading.catch up
  5. Sunday morning sleep-ins are nice and cosy.bed
  6. Copious amounts of hot tea and coffee are pretty much obligatory in this weather.coffee
  7. Children get creative and make ‘stuff’.craft
  8. Games get dusted off and played.UNO
  9. Blog posts get written πŸ™‚blog
  10. Books get read. (and snacks are allowed to be eaten in the lounge room!)reading

This was surprisingly hard…I thought once I started I would get on a roll and be fine. I couldn’t get past number two for about half an hour.

What’s your favourite thing about the rain? I clearly need some help!


11 thoughts on “Ten fantastic things about the rain.

  1. Yes it must be wet,wet, wet, but I like how you find the bright side; the drier one is a bonus for sure. Wait for the mould that comes next. Actually I’m a bit jealous, we are missing our wet season up here, it seems to have bypassed us and gone straight to you guys.


  2. Though we are still in the midst of winter (and more snow expected today), I can say I agree with you. Dull skies get a little depressing after a while, but there is a lot to be said for indoor activities in which the whole family can participate, likes cards and board games. And reading is a plus, too. Napping while listening to the pitty-pat of drops on the lawns and windows is nice as well. Oh! I love the blog you are reading in #4!


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