A little bit of clarity

I turned the big 4-0 mid last year. And then somewhere between May and December my arms seemed to get shorter. I couldn’t seem to hold anything far enough away to be able to read the words properly.

Yes, you guessed it, I needed reading glasses 🙂

Once I had them, I couldn’t believe how much clearer things were. The words on the screen and on the pages of a book were actually sharp and clear and not some crazy new font where each letter had a fuzzy outline after all!

All it took to see more clearly was one visit to somebody who knew how to fix the fuzziness.

Sometimes in life, we can’t see clearly either – we are too close to situations to see a way out of them; we are too emotionally involved to think logically; or we are too caught up trying to fix things that we can miss obvious solutions.

Sometimes, we need someone else to bring clarity, just like a simple visit to the optometrist did for me.

Sometimes, we need something, or someone, outside of ourselves to bring things into focus.

When life gets fuzzy, we all have ways we try to regain focus. From crazy exercise regimes, overeating, undereating, overworking to alcohol, drugs, psychics, star signs – we have a myriad of ways to try and ‘fix’ the lack of clarity in our lives.

To me that’s a bit like putting on someone else’s glasses. Usually, it makes things look a whole lot worse. So we are right in that we need glasses but wrong in where we are seeking the clarity.

When life gets fuzzy for me, there is only One who can bring my life back into perfect focus.

How about you? Are you putting on someone else’s glasses and expecting them to make it all clear?

Why not go to the greatest optometrist of all? The One who is actually the only one qualified to make it all clear.

8 thoughts on “A little bit of clarity

  1. I started to “play the trombone” in my thirties. And got glasses for reading. Then the next time, the doc said bifocals and I about fell off my chair. No!
    I always have a different perspective after stepping away for a while – an hour, a day…And when I’m mad, I need space to figure it all out in my head. Sometimes I realize I was being a jerk. Sometimes I realize, nope, the other guy is still a jerk.
    Same goes for writing, editing, proofreading. Time away, perspective, different time of day, different mood, not enough coffee, too much coffee.


  2. Perspective, perspective!
    Bifocals were a godsend to me…I was 12 and my vision was deteriorating rapidly. Bifocals helped slow that process. By my 20s, I didn’t need them so when I did again at 40-something it was no big deal.
    Turning the Big 4 0 was another time I got brought up short on perspective. My mother-in-law called and listened to me carry on about getting so old. Finally she’d had enough and offered to trade places with me. She was turning 80 the next day.


    • LOL – I have never really had a problem with getting older (it’s better than the alternative!) and I get frustrated with those in their 20’s who carrying on and on about it 🙂
      Your mother in law sounds like a hoot!


  3. Great analogy, Susannah. I remember the first time I put on reading glasses. I was amazed at the difference also. I guess our eyesight goes so gradually (just like life gets out of focus), we don’t realize it until it’s all blurry. I’ve experienced some of this lately so great timing on this post. Thanks.


    • Thanks Kim. It seems to be a recurring theme for me at them moment – and I am constantly reminded as to who it is I need to seek for clarity. Glad it was pertinent for you too 🙂


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