Snowpeas and strawberries

I am sooooo glad all that rain is finally over but one thing it has been good for is the garden. Our veggie patch is currently empty, with lots of lovely fertilizer that has been getting very soggy and breaking down nicely due to the copious amount of water.

Last year we had two of my favourite things growing – snowpeas and strawberries. Both these plants could be picked by anyone at will and eaten right there in the garden.

When I looked out my kitchen window, I could often see a lovely red strawberry, bright against the deep green leaves, just waiting to be plucked and consumed. It was so easy to see the fruit that they often didn’t last long!

Snowpeas, on the other hand, we had to search for, being the same colour as the leaves and stems of the vine. Often I found this frustrating, and sometimes, a snowpea would grow huge and fat because we had missed seeing it for quite awhile.

It’s a bit like people and situations, isn’t it? Some people are like strawberries, bright and flashy and hard to miss. Others are like snowpeas, blending in amongst their circumstances, people who have to be sought to be enjoyed.

Both strawberries and snowpeas are good to eat, just as the bright, colourful person and the shyer, more reserved person are both of equal value.

It’s easy to see the goodness of a strawberry, not so easy with the snowpea. We need to remember to actively look for the goodness in people too. It won’t always be on show, like the vibrant colour of a strawberry, sometimes it’s hidden and camoflauged and we have to really look hard to see the goodness. It’s usually there though, hidden amongst the leaves, it just requires a bit of effort on our part to find it.

We can be easily fooled by a quick glance out our kitchen window. It’s easy to not spend any time actively looking for the good in others, it’s easy to give them a quick glance and make a judgement based on the lack of ‘goodness’ we see.

If we took some time to really look for the snowpeas in life and search out their goodness, we might just find that our world is a better place.

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