Mother’s Day

Last Mothers Day, I wrote this post, a letter to my mum.

This year, I thought I would talk about what I love about being a mother, from when they were little to now 🙂

• the weight of a sleeping baby on my chest

• small sticky hands around my neck

• that double edged sword when only mum will do

• that first ‘I love you’

• the bittersweet moment when the sentence “I don’t need to hold your hand” is announced and you realise it’s true

• the ‘first day of school’ rundown over afternoon tea

• school plays

• sports games

• dance concerts

• late night chats

• the words “Wait til you hear what happened today!”

• an arm tucked through mine for no other reason than to be close

• the words “You will never know how much I love you, mum!”

• surprise cups of tea in bed

• notes and pictures

• early morning snuggles in bed

• phone calls just to say hi

• ‘thanks mum’ said with a smile

• the knowledge that no matter where they are in the world, they’re always with me

• knowing that there is nothing that can change the fact that I am their mum

And being okay with the fact that as long as I live, being a mother will cause me to experience extreme joy and extreme pain.

And everything in between.

4 thoughts on “Mother’s Day

  1. Wonderful post, Susannah. All those things – ditto! I don’t think I ever truly appreciated mom until I had my own child. And now I’m doubly blessed with two grandsons. Happy Mother’s Day!


    • Happy mother’s day to you too! I agree about the appreciation aspect. I have a friend who, once she had children of her own, starting sending her mum a bunch of flowers on her, my friends, birthday to show her appreciation for her mother and how hard mothering is!


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