Roses and the lesson of preparedness

For the amount of times I seem to write a post about gardening, you’d think I was the owner and sustainer of a prize winning garden! Those of you who have ever come to my house, know this to be quite opposite to the truth.

My husband and I have a rather bad habit when it comes to plants.

Conversations go like this:

(At home)

Me: I really like those ‘such and such’ plants.

Him: Yes, they’re nice. Where would we put it?

Me: Mmmmm, not sure.

(At the nursery)

Him: Oh these are lovely!

Me: Yes, lets get them and some of the other ones and some veggies and….

And so that’s how we end up bringing home a heap of plants.

Now the problem is we haven’t prepared. We have no idea where they are going to go, what position they need, whether the soil is right or how big they will grow. Sure, we read the label when we’re at the nursery but, at the nursery, we are invincible garden wizards with not just green thumbs, but green hands!

We have killed more plants through lack of planning that I care to remember.

And so what did my lovely husband bring home the other day? Two rose plants. Where are we putting those, I asked. Yeah, dunno, he replied. That was about a week ago and they are still sitting on the outside table in their bag. We are so keen to have lovely flowers or fresh veggies that we put the cart before the horse, or in this case, the plants before the prep!

Made me think about how often we do that in life.

Are you trying to hurry up something because you know it’s going to be great and you just can’t wait?

I know I am. I complained to the same rose-buying husband about one area in particular and this is what he said (nicely of course).

“Just because you have swum one lap of a backyard pool does not mean you are ready for the Olympics.”

Yes, sometimes I just have to admit he knows some stuff and take it on the chin.

There is much to be said about preparing and doing the hard yards of checking soil ph levels, and positions in the garden. Less plants, and dreams, die that way.

4 thoughts on “Roses and the lesson of preparedness

  1. The only gardeners who do not do it your way are those of us who have done it that way for so long that we have learned not to. And then, knowing full well that we need to prepare the soil and keep in mind what else is growing there, a beautiful plant at the nursery jumps out at us, attaches itself to us, and we have to pay for it to get out of the nursery. And there we go again…


  2. Well, I have to defer to Mom on the gardening thing. She had two green thumbs, talked to plants and flowers, coordinated colors and heights and potential growth. Though I don’t recall if she planned anything. I know she loved the spring, I know she loved going to the shops for plants and flowers and such. She had gardens that covered every side of the house. She had hummingbird bushes and plants that would attract bees (oh yes she did) and birds and what-not. I wish I had paid more attention. My gardening thing is splash and dash and hope for the best. And that wacky woman – she loved to cut the grass!


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