Fun, fun, fun, give me more fun!




Yesterday, we went to the beach. You see, I made a fuss the other day about us not having much fun anymore. So my husband put into action a proposal I made a few months ago to have a jar that held pieces of paper with fun things to do when we have a free weekend.

Friday afternoon, we put them in the jar and the youngest member had first honours in pulling a piece of paper out. Ironically, it was one she had written, so she was super chuffed that we got to do it the next day.

We went to the beach, had fish and chips, fed the left overs to the seagulls, played catch and bocce, walked, built sandcastles and had…fun!

Fun is underrated these days. We seem to be so busy, busy, busy that fun gets left out of the equation. We need to be intentional about fun. We need to plan and actually schedule it in, otherwise, it most likely won’t happen.

Having fun is like hitting the pause button on the day to day stresses we all have in our lives. It’s a re-set mechanism that gives our minds and spirits a chance to regroup.

Fun makes us remember all the things our problems make us forget. Like how good sand feels between our toes, like how liberating it is to all sing together in the car, like how funny seagulls are when trying to get a chip thrown in the air. It’s our bodies remembering that sweet, pleasant tiredness that comes from a day of enjoyment, rather than the stressful, fitful dog-tired sleep that is more an escape than a rest.

And we remember how to smile and laugh. And we remember just how much there is to smile and laugh about.

We remember who we are, and who we are with.

And we remember that that’s what life is all about after all.

Having fun in our life doesn’t take all the problems away but it does take us away from our problems, even if only for awhile.

And it’s amazing how good it feels and how absolutely, undoubtedly, positively essential it is, not only to us but to those around us.

The family that plays together, stays together 🙂

Do you intentionally have fun? If not, why not?

11 thoughts on “Fun, fun, fun, give me more fun!

  1. This is a fabulous idea. And to have those in the family contribute ideas – great! We should declare at least one day a month (or more) as Fun Day. I know families who run run run all the time and don’t have time (or don’t make the time) to just enjoy their time together. The dusting and vacuuming can wait – your kids aren’t going to ever be interviewed on t.v. and say “My mom was a great duster.” They will remember the times you just chucked all the responsibilities to take them to the beach. Or ran through the sprinkler with them (my son did this on July 4). A break can also give you refreshed energy and a new perspective when you get back to “that project.”


    • Absolutely, Karen! And those are the memories I want them to have – fun times! I think it also shows them a good example of work/life balance, so they’ll grow up and make time for fun in their lives too.
      I hope you ran through the sprinkler too! 😉


  2. One of my favorite fun things to do when my kids were young was to “play hookie” with them. Once each school year, I’d find out from their teacher which would be a good day…no assemblies, no big tests…and I’d send them to school as usual. Then after I’d cleaned up from breakfast, I’d go to school, have the secretary call one of my kids to the office, and we’d take off for the rest of the day, doing just fun stuff without the other sibling.
    They are both hard-working, responsible adults now who both understand the need to play hookie now and again.


    • Yes, I’ve done this once with my Charli and it is definitely something I need to do again and with our youngest. The feeling of doing it when everyone else is in school just makes it even more special. Thanks for the reminder – I’m going to schedule it in for both of them 🙂


  3. When I pulled up in the car, they were already running and jumping. I got out of my car and said, “Oh, I should have brought my camera,” and Wayne said, “You should have brought your bathing suit!” 🙂


  4. Susannah, can you send me this reminder every day? I love to play, but not until this is done and that is completed and the house is cleaned and the lawn is mowed. Intentional fun is my new goal for the rest of 2013. Thank you.

    Esther, I’m suggesting your idea to our daughter who is about to become a mom. I love it!


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