Shining lights

Today we bumped into some old friends while out and about. I wrote about them in a previous post. This family have been through an enormous amount of stress, fear and now, triumph.

It was so wonderful to see little Charlie thriving – smiling, batting her ridiculously long lashes and being cheeky. She was so ‘shiny’ that I very nearly got teary just seeing her exude life. She shone with strength, like only those who have been to the brink and back do.

We have an extra special spot in our hearts for Charlie. Her mum was one of our Charlie’s kindy teachers. And it was our Charlie that their Charlie is named after.

Sometimes determination is acquired through extreme circumstances, sometimes it’s a gradual learning process.

We have vivid memories of our Charlie persisting with many things beyond the norm.

At five, she refused to leave the pool after her brother showed her how to dive, until she had stopped belly-flopping and did it right (which, by the way, wasn’t til well past dark and dinner time).

At seven, there was a hoola-hoop group at school that she wanted to be part of – this resulted in at least four hours after school straight hoola-hoop practice in the back yard.

Her first athletics carnival meant hours in the back yard jumping over an increasingly higher broomstick balanced over some bricks. ย 

And at 15 and needing to raise money for a mission trip to Thailand saw her save and work hard at her photography to have the money by the deadline.

It must be something to do with the name because these two Charlie’s are very much the same – resilient, tenacious, sweet, cheeky and in possession of an indomitable spirit.

While our Charlie has not had to face the extraordinary circumstances that their Charlie has, she’s still had her share of things to overcome and stand firm against, and still does.

What they share is an ability to overcome. With smiles and through tears, they get the job done.ย And somehow, manage to still keep shining.

But I don’t think that just those called Charlotte have the exclusive rights to these traits. We all possess the qualities needed to push through and never give up.

Regardless of whether we think we have what we need already, or we need to learn tenacity through practice, we all possess more strength than we think we do. We can shine through anything.

After all, it’s pressure that makes diamonds, and they’re kinda shiny too ๐Ÿ™‚

6 thoughts on “Shining lights

  1. Not that I particularly like pressure, stress, or tragedy, it is what life is about. The good times are appreciated more after the bad times. I’ve dealt with death, loss of friends, flood, and more. But here I am – happy, relatively healthy, and with family nearby and tons of friends who pick me up when I need it.


    • And all the stronger for the pressure you’ve had over your life, too ๐Ÿ™‚ I love that you are *real* – you don’t sugar coat life but you aren’t negative either xo


  2. We are blessed with one of those shining Charlies in our life, too. Our son became a daddy too young and his younger bride was overwhelmed early with marriage and motherhood, so he has been a single father since in his teens. His son Charlie is now almost the age of his father when he was born…a bright, happy, determined, shining young man we are so fortunate to know and love.


    • Oh how wonderful ๐Ÿ™‚ What a blessing! And, see, there simply must be something about the name! What a credit your son is to you, too, you must be so proud of him.


  3. “We all possess the qualities needed to push through and never give up.” We do, which goes right along with one of my favorite words that you also mentioned … tenacity.

    Can you send reminders every day to never give up? I think I’d benefit from a daily dose. Thanks for this one!

    I know you’re proud of Charlie. You’ve done good, Mom.


    • Tenacity is one of my favourite words too ๐Ÿ™‚ If we were in the same country, I would send you a text message each day on your phone to encourage you! And yes, I’m very proud of my Charli and my friends Charli too ๐Ÿ™‚


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