What’s your name?

The other day we purchased a gift for our niece’s upcoming wedding from the bridal registry. The lady who served us asked for my name ‘for their internal records’. I gave it to her, at which she looked at me and then, looking back at her screen said “Oh, I’ll just put Susan.”

Now, I have always had a ‘thing’ about being called the wrong name. Yes, yes, I know that Susannah is close to Susan, Suzanne, Sue etc so I shouldn’t get too upset but, I must confess, it bugs me. To me, calling me Susan is the same as calling me Mary – it’s not my name!

That day though, I just smiled at the lady as my husband looked on in astonishment and disbelief that I hadn’t corrected her. So, there you go – proof that I’ve grown as a person!

Our names are important, aren’t they? Our identity is all wrapped up in the one word that people know us by.

Some people are great at remembering other people’s names. Some people are useless at it. And it effects how we feel about them, doesn’t it? We’ve all experienced that flush of pleasure when someone remembers our name, even after just one meeting. And we’ve all felt the embarrassment and awkwardness when someone we’ve met several times can’t remember who we are.

And that’s the thing isn’t it? It isn’t that they remember our name, it’s that they remember us! It’s not that they have forgotten our name, it’s that feeling that we weren’t important enough to remember.

In a crowded world, where we can meet countless different people regularly, it’s easy to feel ‘forgettable’ and unimportant.

There is Someone though, who never forgets our name; who calls us by our name constantly and consistently. And that’s because He remember us, He knows us. And He would never forget our name or who we are.

I know that no matter how many different variations of my name I am called, He knows what it really is, and I am more than okay with that πŸ™‚

4 thoughts on “What’s your name?

  1. I gave up a long time ago trying to teach people to spell Esther. But there was one gentleman who usually paid close attention to detail who consistently misspelled my name. Finally I said to him, “Jon, if you don’t put the h in my name, I’m going to put it in yours.” One time is all it took.


  2. Names are VERY important, spelling too. And I always make sure about the person’s choice – like Al or Albert, Sue or Susan.


    • Yes, that’s just polite! Amazing how many people don’t ask spelling and pronunciation – and abbreviations! We knew someone who would abbreviate everyone’s name and if it couldn’t be abbreviated, she would add a ‘y’ on the end! She obviously just had to change peoples names somehow πŸ™‚ I am very used to people misspelling my name as there are quite a few variations, so I’m a bit more tolerant of that.


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