How selfish are you?

Most of us don’t think we’re selfish do we? Just like no one ever says they are a bad driver 😉

Facebook is flooded with ‘positive’ self help messages and I expressed my opinion on them in this post.

Once again, I find myself irritated by them and muttering all sorts of replies and rebuttals to their inane ‘wisdom’. You see, to me, they are all so selfish. So entirely self focused and self serving. If someone does you wrong, cease all communication. If someone gets angry at you, it’s their problem. If people don’t make you feel happy, then find people who do. Me, me, me.

Now, like I said at the beginning, we don’t think we’re selfish. No, quite the opposite. We see ourselves as generous, loving, and self sacrificing. Mmmmm, the reality is a little different, I think.

I caught the end of one of my favourite movies, The Book of Eli, the other night, thanks to a bout of insomnia, and saw the part when Eli answers the question about what’s so special about the book (for those who haven’t seen the movie, the book is the bible). His answer is simple yet profound.

Do more for others than for yourself.

It’s just another way of saying love people. Really, really love people. Love them more than yourself. Love them more than is sensible. Love them when other people tell you you shouldn’t. Love them when it’s hard. Love them and don’t stop.

Jesus said it way before the scriptwriter of The Book of Eli did, yet we still can’t grasp this truth.

And you want to know why? We’re hearing the words but refusing to know the first one who said them. Because, it’s hard to not be selfish, we need something, someOne, outside ourselves. I know I do. I know that without outside help, I am selfish. Even when I think I’m not, I know I am. And you are too if you’re honest.

And in the meantime, I’ll try to love those who write those ridiculous sayings that get plastered all over my facebook newsfeed everyday. I’m not saying I’ll succeed, mind you, but I will try!

4 thoughts on “How selfish are you?

  1. We are incredibly selfish and self-centered by nature. However, when we choose to yield to the leading of the Holy Spirit we can live for Christ rather than for ourselves. Powerful post! Blessings!


  2. First, I LOVED that movie. I didn’t know anything about it when I started to watch it and was so pleasantly surprised when the book turned out to be the Bible.
    Now, about selfishness. Hmm. Sometimes I am. I am selfish with my “alone time.” When I plan to be alone, I want to be alone. I do not appreciate intrusions. That said, I give to many people – my time, my expertise, my experience, my opinions (when asked). However, I do not like to give give give to selfish people. Those that use me, abuse me, or weasel their way into my circle just for the purpose of tapping in to me for what they can gain from it. I call these people “toxic.” Nada, Niet, no sir. I am happy to help those that help others – like you. Great post, Susannah!


    • Yes, it’s definitely in my top ten!
      I agree, Karen, we absolutely need to put boundaries in place and not be used and abused but I think as a society we are too quick to dismiss someone if they don’t serve our purposes or if they cause any friction in our lives…and that’s when we stop growing in character – without a bit of friction and uncomfortableness we can easily fall into complacency and bad habits.
      As always, thanks for your comments 🙂


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